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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Honor gearing tips

Short informational weekend post. Season 10 will end at Nov 29. So there are 2 more weeks and this one in this season.

There will be no arenas, rated BG for one more week. During this interim week, you can buy current conquest (384) items for honor. When the new season starts, there will be new honor (about 390) and conquest (about 405) gear available

To win RBGs you should get as good gear as possible. Some tips:
  • Have 4000 honor at the end of the interim week (dec 6).
  • Have 4000 justice at the end of the interim week too. You can convert justice to honor at 3:2 ratio. If you don't do random HC (why would you), you should convert honor to justice, so you can convert it back when the new season starts.
  • During the interim week, if you get close to cap, you should buy a 384 item. Don't waste honor on trade stuff, 384 is almost as good as 390. You'll be able to replace 4 items when the new season starts, the rest can be 384 if you buy them during that week.
  • If you have less than 371 items and get honor capped before the interim week starts, you should buy 371 gear, even if you replace it literally in a week if you have blue or PvE piece on that slot.
  • Get a head and shoulder enchant now. Spending 3K honor on them when the season start would be a major loss.
Obviously, during the interim week, we'll smash the random BGs with premades, so anyone cares to log in and play can have full 384 by the time season 11 starts.
An update on the pre-made random BG massacres, note the reinforcement counter in the bottom right:

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