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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The RBG strategies

We tested the RBG strategies posted on the blog this week with huge success rate. We practically won every match we played. We'll see how high rating can we climb.


Anonymous said...

Even with success, don't stop tweaking existing strategies and experimenting with new ones. Possibly set aside a game or two each week to try a new strategy. Just like the flow of a single battle, the metagame also evolves, and you do not want to fall into the "It worked once, thus it will always work." mentality, as in a PVP setting there is no perfect system.

The greatest Starcraft players are the innovators. Sure there is a fair amount of those who have a plan and execute it perfectly, but even they are not at the level of those that experiment and think of new strategies which throw their opponents off their game.

Note that your blog entry, while it might seem to be about success in applying a plan of action, is really about your success in adjusting to a situation of your team having lost some past battlegrounds. It is the success of evolution of strategy that is generating your teams current wins.

And the skill of adjusting your plans has to be practiced regularly like any other skill.

Anti said...

individual skill may work for arenas.

rated battlegrounds, with a fixed group, will slowly evolve a strategy finely tuned for that particular group.

standardisation of strategy, i believe, will work well for a group that has a constant flux of membership. new members know the groups strategy before entering. if they fail to follow it they can be removed.

i've switched from WoW to Eve. the large team based PvP brings 100s of players into battle. The corporations often only have 30%-50% attendance for a given battle. They have predifined spaceship designs pre-authorised.

This fleet doctrine allows for individuals to fill the role the commander requires on any given day.

Dar said...

Consider summarizing each rBG with a /macro. Limited to 255 characters.

Now that would be a fun challenge.