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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gold from boots and low rating conquest farming.

Once upon a time there were the valor boots. ilvl 359 BoE feet items. With 4.2 they were transferred to the justice quartermaster vendor, so now they cost 1650 justice points.

In the AH they sell for 1000-2000G, giving 1:1 justice:gold conversion. The reason for this is the PvP itemlevel messup: from honor points you can buy slightly better items in season 10 than the season 9 conquest items. So people are converting their justice points to honor to get a tiny increase. Not me. I convert honor to justice and keep buying these boots. I also buy from others for 800 and sell as high as I can. Already got 15K income from it. I can't call it profit as the points are not free, but as they are generated by an activity I'd do anyway (Tol Barad), they are nearly free (buying shards at the vendor converts a point to 15 silvers). So go and sell boots!

Since there are 30+ people online recently (4.2 made a miracle), and also significant new player (and AFK-kicked veteran) influx, we can seriously intensify our activities. Instead of running one thing at a time, we can run two.

On rated BG front we are far from the high levels as still many players get their "service of the alliance" achievement on every win. However we already made rated BG activity regular. Now I want to change them to everyday activity and want to allow everyone who play PvP to get rBG experience and be conquest capped every week. So the following changes are implemented by my lead (of course anyone is free to start competing schedule, but I doubt it has a point):
  • Rated BGs are off the calendar, except for Sunday 15:00-21:00 which will be the dedicated "high" rating time. Here the best PvP-ers are invited and the point is to push our rating as high as possible. Of course you don't have to play 6!!! hours, you can show up anytime, and we'll get you a spot if your are good.
  • On every evening for Wednesday to Saturday there will be low rated conquest farmings parallel to the normal raids. There will be no gear or experience requirements, everyone is welcomed (of course if there are 12, the leader will not pick the 0 res guy). The point is to get conquest capped and to decrease MMR. Those who are in not the raid will form a farming rBG group with a simple guideline: if you are not winning the match clearly after 10 mins of start, lose fast (can be called earlier if the superiority of the opponent is obvious). This way the MMR decreases to the region where matches are easily won. The purpose of decreasing rating is to allow new players to fight against equal opponents and learn, and to allow veterans to chain-win from low MMR on Sunday. (As rating follows stupidly MMR: high gain when win, low loss when lost, unless MMR is far below rating).
  • The RBG team also serves the purpose of giving something to do to raiders waiting for a spot opening in the Firelands raid. I can't expect anyone to just idle in SW waiting for X boss to die as he'll get spot next or even worse, to idle that someone maybe fails and gets replaced. However we can easily announce: spot opened for X role, and after the BG ended the guy leaves the BG team and comes. The BG team is refilled from those who just logged or was AFK before.
  • On Monday and Tuesday, 4.0 boost raid takes the form of the "B team". Those who are not in the FL raid can boost new players for gold. When spot opens, they leave BoT/BWD and join, refilled by someone just coming online. This way there is always something better to do than random BG (bleh), and random HC, as you can farm conquests instead of honors, and 359 instead of 353. There are spots opening in the FL or the "B-team" frequently, so if you wait a bit, you get a spot, no matter when you come online
So from now on,  there will be two teams running. An "A" team doing FL or rBG for high rating and a B team farming conquest points or gear, and of course experience.


Anonymous said...

Get JP from Troll HC. They yield 140 per boss. Average is 6 bosses. Means 840 JP per fight.

Upgrade all Bloodthirsty to S10 Vicious first. Then the S9 Vicious to S10. Every upgrade yields say ~20 sta, ~20 str/agi/int, ~20 resi.

They are worth it however you will spend extra gold on gems and enchants.

Trelocke said...


Actually it's 140VP per run, 70JP (or 77 with full guild perks) per boss. *If* the average troll heroic takes an hour, which I think is a reasonable average, you gain 7(or 7.7JP) per minute which would take you 3.9 (or 3.5) hours to farm enough JP for the BoE boots. @2000g (Gevlon's max) per boot that's 512g/per hour (or 571g/per hour). So best case scenario it's average gold.

For someone like Gevlon who's not trying to actively compete in PvP, waiting for the conquest gear to replace his current gear while converting the honor he's not really using and gaining doing something he normally does anyway, I would say the way he's doing it is a much more efficient use of his currency and time.

Anonymous said...

I believe it works the same for RBG's.

Anonymous said...

Trelocke, I don't agree. As healer you must squeeze every bit of resilience you can get. Besides, your performance also improves since you get 20 int or so per upgrade. That is a lot of resilience and int which can mean the difference in a rated BG.

The fact is that since Glotan organizes the rBG, he _will_ be included, no matter how much more or less resilience the other healers may have.

I see people offering to sell the boots on trade for 500g right now. If you want to make an easy profit, buying the VP BoE belt and selling it yields much more profit. I did sell the VP boots in 4.0 for various alts, yielding nice profits.

Trelocke said...


Gevlon has stated many times he actively loses to keep his MMV low. He's not trying to be the best, just quickly gain his conquest. For someone like that, the value of an extra 20 intellect is not worth wasting the currency now for something that's going to be replaced by CP gear in the near future, especially when he can take the currency and turn it into quick and easy gold.

For someone competing for rating, yes, the extra ~200 int and ~300 resil you get by upgrading your set is absolutely worth it. For someone who's not, it's just inefficient gear-chasing and epeening and their honor would be much better spent by doing exactly what Gevlon is doing.