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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Prizes updated and recruiting

We are doing pretty fine. Halfus HC is down, HC Maloriak on 9%.

We are doing rated BGs regularly now, with enough wins to max out conquest points. The new guild challenges lured lot of guilds to rated BG, we met completely new guilds.

We are guarding our place on the's EU guild achievement list. We are now #77 with 1660 points. The new gain was United nations, it's part of a contract we made with someone. He bought us this for gold, in and we help him complete Shadowmourne and try to get his other half of Glaive every week. Of course when these are complete, we get the achievements too. Since the raids cost me around 10K every week, by the time we get Shadowmourne, I'll spend the 60K I considered for these achievements.

Let's see what more we could get:
  • "do X challenges" achievements: can't be hurried as the challenges are weekly capped.
  • The Daily Grind: 48% and it would be insane to pay for them. People will do TB dailies anyway for the resistance trinket.
  • Battleground and arena achievements: This is the new focus, and we made some progress. Are you not entertained? prize is still 5000/G person.
  • Glaives: 20000G offered for anyone who gets them on his own. While we have a contract with someone with half glaive, RNG is nasty and in two weeks the Shadowmourne will be complete and our contractor leaves the guild. If you have Glaives and want the gold, join us (assuming you are on our server)
  • We are legendary: meta for the above ones for 25 points.
  • Heroic raid achievements: currently out of reach, we just completed normal content.
  • Dinner Party: on 83% but I won't speed it, feasts are damn expensive to just place them in middle of SW.
  • Better Leveling Through Chemistry: 63%, someone craft flasks for profit.
  • Master Crafter: 78% but crafting epics just to DE would be simply insane.
  • We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat: 67%, since I figured out that fishing is actually profitable, people are doing it.
We are looking for both raiders and PvP-ers, to increase these activities. Currently we can do either but not both as we don't have enough people to have 10 on a hard mode, 10 on farm, other 10 in RBG. So if you got enough of "we'll start raiding/rBG soon" guilds, join us, as we are already doing them, just with not enough intensity. Of course keeping the rules is a must.

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