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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Prizes and progression

Recently farm raids are also suffering from low attendance. It's rather and overall activity drop than avoidance of progression. To balance it, I'll extend BoT lockout so people at the raid can always choose between farm raid of BWD or progression on Cho'gall.

Since the recent news is that there won't be new raid until 4.2 and currently I don't see a setback in raiding, I'll promote big-group PvP, maybe setting up a TB-dominating plan or rated BGs (that would be hard, as the feature is unused by anyone except real HC PvP-ers)

Also, I will step up in financing legendary weapon collection.

We are currently on 1360 guild achievements and I want more, in the hope that it will shake up social guilds, therefore the following prizes are offered!

55 exalted: To get United nations achievement one person must get 55 exalted reputations and revered guild rep. 5000G offered.

Legendaries: You need to have the legendary weapon and be honored with the guild. The prize is 5000G, after we get the achievement, you show me your item and your guild rep, proving it was your doing, and the money is yours. I cannot nominate anyone to "shadowmourne wielder", cannot force anyone to help you or even to not compete with you. You must get them on your own. But I pay you a nice prize! Sulfuras and Thunderfury are taken!

Are you not entertained? 3000/G person

Stay classy bunch: They need a lvl 85 character from the class and race below with honored guild reputation. First to get them receives gold, bold text is new/increased price:
  • Human hunter, 3000G (achievement alt is in progress)
  • Night elf mage, claimed by Donella
  • Draenei priest, 1000G
  • Draenei mage, 3000G (achievement alt is in progress)
  • Worgen rogue, claimed by Rhougala
  • Worgen warlock, 1000G (achievement alt is in progress)
  • Gnome death knight, claimed Fifth
  • Gnome priest, claimed by Tyelrin
  • Dwarf warlock, claimed by Roijer
  • Worgen warrior, claimed by Dibb
  • Human rogue, claimed by Rukus
Obviously no one in his right mind would class change for 1000G, new rerollers are the target audience of these offers.

Also, to have these achievements, it is now allowed to have an alt in the guild with the above combo. This is a temporary pardon from the no alt rule, after the achievement is done, the alt (or the old main) must leave, but you'll have an alt for whatever purpose you wanted one and the gold prize. If you want to invite such alt, come to me, not an inviter. The "achievement alt" exception applies to legendary wielders too.

If you see "achievement alt is in progress" next to any class/race, it means that such alt is already on that job. It does not mean that you can't go for it, just advised to check the armory to see how close they are and how active they are.

Please note that the above is an exceptional pardon, and not a right. I can remove any alt any time I find him no longer useful.


Grim said...

For someone trying so hard to get those achievements, you don't seem to have a lot of progress.

My guild (511 chars, but alts allowed, so I suppose the same amount of players as the PuG) has 1300 points without the leadership ever really caring about them. They are all gathered by random members who just decided that they wanna run some old instances for the achievements.
No one really cares about the total number, I had to look it up after reading your post, because it never gets mentioned in /g

Also - the stay classy bunch of achievements only gives 10 points per race and 10 for the meta. Is it worth all the gold? o_0

Anyway, would like to read your thoughts on how this recruitment pitch of yours is going (or is it too soon to expect results?)

Caramael said...

Night elf mage is in progress.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of curious about the point of your guild. I get the asocial part but I guess I'm confused how this translates to raiding. Do you raid to have fun? Get gear? Make gold? See I ask this because your policy about punishing people who make mistakes would seem to contradict two of those motivators: progression and fun.

I am in a progression guild ( currently 1/13 hard modes). We wipe a lot, sometimes even on farm content. One of things I really appreciate about my guild is they tolerate a certain degree of imperfections. For example, I am terrible at Al'Akir. I make bad decisions and visually speaking the air phase just kills me ( I don't know if it's old age or what but I have so much trouble visually determining my distance from other people and the boss). While the I have tons of gold and paying up for my mistakes would not financially hurt me in the least bit I would probably hate raiding in this environment because all it does is point fingers at people's errors. Everyone in my guild makes mistakes. When we downed Nefaian we spent a lot of time Wiping to dumb things, people missing interrupts, pushing a cackles before I and the other healers were ready for it. But in the end when we down it, it feels that much better. Everyone did their jobs well. If we were taxing people for their mistakes it would have made the atmosphere tense and we probably would not have progressed.

Perhaps part of the reason you are having difficulty getting people to do progression fights, is that your raiding environment is not conducive to mistakes which are key to progression.

Fourcade said...

55 reputations to exalted is inherently social. Its nearly impossible to get the achievement soloing so you'll have a group of 3 or 4 people doing the work for one person's reward.

Sthenno said...


I don't know where this comment comes from. I have 57 exalted reputations and I never relied on anyone to grind any of them. I got the Lich King dungeon reps and the Ashen Verdict by doing them with my guild, but anyone who played during Wrath would have those already, and you can probably earn the dungeon reps without a group now.

All other reputations can be acquired by yourself or with the dungeon finder/BG system. A couple reputations would take hundreds of hours without a team, but 55 is low enough that you can skip a few anyway - I believe there are 60 reputations you can max.