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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Business report before Cataclysm

I know that Cataclysm is here, it was activated in Europe 7 hours before this post was aired. Yet I cannot tell any Cataclysm experience yet, simply because I'm either asleep or just woke up and started playing. So here is my last prepared posts, my business report before Cataclysm.

I'm playing with one char only (+bankalts) with inscription and tailoring professions. The character was created on February 24, 2010 for the ganking project on Maghteridon-EU and was transferred to Agamaggan-EU for The PuG. I'm planning to play this char only from now. I leveled as miner/scribe, selling glyphs for 7G threshold/20G fallback and mining nods while questing. After transferring to Agamaggan and getting more PvE focus, I dropped mining and leveled tailoring.

Before 4.0.1 my income sources were glyphs and top bags like 32 slot herbalism, enchanting ones and the 22 slot general bags. I was also selling moonshroud, ebonweave, spellweave, produced with specialty that I swiched after stocking up. I also sold random stuff I bumped into casually. Before 4.0.1 I had 68K cash, 10K inks (about 50K G back then), 3K prepared glyphs (30K G) and also 20 box of netherweave cloth (2K) and 5 boxes of imbued frostweave cloth (12K).

The glyph harvest was the pinnacle of my goldmaking. Between 4.0.1 and Cataclysm I collected 183K gold selling glyphs for 25G threshold, 45G fallback. I also spent 45K gold on buying new herbs, trying to keep my ink stocks high with limited success, I have 1400 Ink of the seas and 600 other inks, some kinds are dangerously low. So the grand total is:

I'm planning to keep listing glyphs twice a day via alts and craft glyphs once-twice a week, but not planning to buy herbs and mill, unless I have downtime. Currently I do not expect huge glyph demand after Cataclysm as there are no slvl450+ glyphs (besides Colossus Smash), so everyone could buy his glyphs already, except for new worgens.

My No1 Cataclysm goldmaking plan is selling bags. I've stockpiled 10K bolt of netherweave cloth and 2K bolt of imbued frostweave to craft 16 and 20 slot bags. I already crafted lot of bags and placed them at a dedicated alt who will list them twice a day. I'm also planning to craft more, as they can be AFK-crafted while eating, doing errands or blog business.

I'm not planning to level either inscription or tailoring fanatically as I believe the cost of materials will be too high, and they are better used by selling them to wannabe real firsts. I believe I'll reach slvl 500 in a week or more. While some items (inscription relics, offhands, crafted PvP cloth) can have serious demand, I'm uncertain about the supply, especially sitting in a goblinish guild.

Since I'll strictly level with my girlfriend, some downtime is possible when she can't/don't want to play, as quests are phased and railed, so if I play alone, we can't play together later. In these times I'll level professions, start Archeology, craft, examine the market and do blog stuff.

I sent all my gold to my main, so all alts start with an empty purse, making it easy to keep track of their incomes. Tomorrow I'll report my first day business results, with maybe some PuG info.


edward said...

250k! assuming population of 10k for your server/faction thats 25 gold from every person on the server on average.

i think your project demonstrates how mass produced low cost goods concentrate wealth in the modern capitalist economy

JAqu said...

i stockpiled mindlessly 2,5k of netherweave cloth bolts, i manage to sell bags a little and price is going down very fast (5g profit atm), thank god XXX Satchels are unique and it will take a moment to level reputation. Lots of people are leveling in dungeons so Embersilk Bag will be quickly (lots of items going to be disenchanted) so cheap that it will compete with other bags.
Embersilk bag = 15xcloth +15x dust
frostweave bag = 60x cloth + 12x dust, after it will go to wotlk prices (50s cloth, 1g dust) bag will be worth 22,5g in materials, will anyone buy 16 slot?

Mojambo said...

In a later patch, faction-based 16 slot bags were introduced. If you are revered with any of the nation factions (undead, troll, roc, blood elf, tauren for horde) upon reaching revered, you can buy one 16 slot bag for 1g 70s. These are unique equipped. This means leveling characters can easily get 3-5 16 slot bags, while leveling.

Does this seem to be a major setback in your bag business?

Eaten by a Grue said...

Curious, why are you still trying to make more gold? At 250k, your stash should exceed all foreseeable expenses for quite a while. I guess it's something to do, and it sounds like tailoring bags is not too time consuming. But if you had say, 1 million gold, would anything change at all?

Anonymous said...

about the fraction bags: i don't think the market will shrink a lot because of the fraction ones. the reason is simple the waiting time: is it worth to wait 40 levels to save 100g in comparison to having a level 1 character with seemingly unlimited space?

The Gnome of Zurich said...

Jaqu, according to wowhead, the embersilk bag is 15 *bolts* of cloth, so 75 cloth. It will be more expensive than frostweave even if the prices of cloth and dust are equal. In fact, wrath mats will ultimately probably be more expensive, so frostweave bag will go away just like imbued netherweave did once wrath prices settled.

But, iirc, it took a couple months for the push of profession powerlevelers let the prices go down near where they ended up settling. I believe the same thing will happen and this stuff will be quite expensive for at least a few weeks, and maybe a couple months.

I don't think netherweave bags are in any danger of ceasing to be profitable unless the mats become too scarce, which if that was gonna happen, it probably would have happened in wrath.

ardoRic said...

who wouldn't want to be a wow millionaire?

Wilson said...


The WoW economy follows rules written by video game designers for the convenience of video game players. Any resemblance to a real-world economy is purely coincidental. What Gevlon's 250k demonstrates is that Blizzard has chosen to dump a hell of a lot of gold into the game, and those who wish to accumulate it can.

Anonymous said...

I have the same thought. I have made over 300k in the past several months. I've got enought to outfit everyone. Now I'm going to "relax" a bit and level. If Blizz put in some larger "gold sinks" that really helped (like the Kirin Tor ring) it would give us more incentive to continue to amass gold. Otherwise, what's the point beyond it's something simple to do?

Anonymous said...

@Grue: You assume there's a reason behind his collecting gold. He could have stopped at 25k reasonably (possibly before that) because he doesn't waste his gold on vanity items, and there's nothing in the game that he NEEDS that will cost anywhere near that much.

JAqu said...

@The Gnome ...
my mistake, it is bolt not cloth,

on my realm there is big competition, yesterday embersilk cloth was 1g so only 25s-50s more then frostweave cloth.
Netherweave bags are now 11g at AH, which is more then before (7g) but not that profitable since mats are 4g and competition is huge (my auctions i posted 2 hours before are undercut by 20 items), profit still will be there but very low.

I think tailoring will be one of the best goldmaking profesion (i had a dream :) but not becouse of netherweave bags.