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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another boost raid

Yesterday we wanted to continue ICC 10 hard modes, but only 6 of us wanted/was capable. So we dropped the raid lock, grabbed 4 new members and went to a boost raid and killed the same 8 bosses that were killed last week, so we can do HM PP, Val, Sindy this week using this lock. Two people were in ICC first time and two more people had their first Crimson Hall. We had one wipe (HM gunship messup) and 4600G pot. I mean 200G pot since the rest of the money went to boosters.

Why is it interesting? Because it shows that the paid booster system is viable. The boosters got paid, and some offspec items, the boosted got lot of new gear, everyone are happy without any kind of "freindly heplfull" activity is involved.

Our guild, The PuG is permanently recruiting. Currently 155 accounts. Don't forget to read the rules, or you might end up like Rofldots.


Anonymous said...

Is there any interest from US (or better yet, Oceanic) players to start an identical project?

I realise the Undergeared US project didn't really get far, but 'The Pug' seems like it would appeal to a greater number of players.

Wilson said...

6 boosters * 7 non-heroic bosses * 100 g per boss = 4200 gold. 4600 gold - 4200 to boosters = 400 gold. Where did they other 200 gold end up?

"grabbed 4 new members" implies that there were more than 4 non-heroic members available, but priority went to the boosters. If so, then that violates the terms set out in the original booster post. It is possible that there were exactly ten people available, in just the right role composition, but that seems improbable.

Curious as to how long it will take before someone organizes a raid that actually interferes with Gevlon's desires. For example, a normal-ICC run that pulls in enough boosters to prevent a heroic run. Such an event would indicate that this really is a pugging guild, rather than a cult of personality.

Gevlon said...

@Wilson: Actually it was 8 bosses and 5.5 boosters (one left after 4 bosses in the break).

At 19:00 there were exactly 10 people wanting to raid. "Right role composition" is easy in the age of dual specs. We had 2 tanks, 2 healers and 6 DPS. In the 20:30 break 1 booster and 1 normal left, 2 normals arrived, one of them is healer.

Jakob said...

Wilson, it is hard to do so if exactly 10 people are online at the time.

Wilson said...


That's kind of my point. Outside of a small group of dedicated raiders, participation remains very low. This suggests that many people may be there just for the thrill of being in Gevlon's guild.