Greedy Goblin

Saturday, May 1, 2010


The ganking guild is growing well, we already have 12 lvl 80, gearing up. We'll gank more and more. Tuesday comes a detailed plan how to gank with objective, measurable criterias.

But now, I present you a personal reason to join an anti-social ganking guild: massacre!

This is from Wintergrasp what is World PvP, affecting gankscore. Do you see any death? Because I just see kills. Imagine that 6K HP lvl 65 characters are swarming at you, all you have to do is oneshot them and you get 60+ honor for each! That's WG with 10+ stacks of tenacity!

And this is Sholozar Basin. Bots are so rampart here that you can grind them without pause:
Historyy, skinning bot, well programed
Resilece, skinning bot, sometimes boter takes over and moves to another location. Bad program, tries to skin lashers
Fjuooll, terribly programmed skinning bot, just res, and don't move, attacks only creatures in range
Gutrock, Grind, not bots, but dumb enough to attack us after ganked
Deathwhish from the guild "Internet Is For pWn"
Camoscino learned that being AFK in a PvP realm is bad
Drulz from "Obey me" was in the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong faction of the wrong realm

If you want to participate the first and only impact-PvP project in WoW, join now! Both low levels (even rerolls) and lvl 80-es are accepted, rules here!

PS: as you can see, it takes lot of time for Blizzard to ban Historyy


Anonymous said...

Seeing as next patch will institute an "equality cap" wherein if only X number of alliance queue for WG, then the vastly more numerous horde will only be able to get X people into WG.

There'll be a minimum cap of 25 players so as to prevent a 3v3 WG, but I don't think you'll be seeing ten stacks of tenacity for very long.

Gevlon said...

If that's true, then WG will be alliance dominion. They will be capped 25 and they will be PuG. We will be a PvP geared team.

Zeran said...

I can only imagine the nerd rage you will cause by owning voa.

Anonymous said...

Grind was very difficult to take down those last couple of times. He had a massive amount of HP and was able to play. But the rest were all awful.

If those rules for WG are going to apply from the next patch, then Horde players on this realm will find it extremely difficult even to get into a WG match, let alone win it.

Anonymous said...

I love these post, I always think to myself I should join the cause but never have a enough time on my hands...

But the project just looks like something I would like to take part in. The fact that it be playing with just people with relativly skill players makes it all the better.

Anonymous said...

Tenacity WG and botkilling in Sholozar are fun but get old really fast; there's no challenge. If you come up with a great plan tuesday I might return, but otherwise world pvp isn't worth the effort, nor is it any fun.

Chopsui said...

Yes, the new cap system is very very much in favor of the underrepresented, but active faction.

Thaing said...

WTF Bot killing????

So your guild is ganking Bots so basically you 'devalue' the honor points system. So when I see a member of your guild with a 1000 kills I can think this guy is really really good a PvPing bots?

Well if you wish to go down the easy honor system get half your guild to roll horde warlocks and then get them to life tap down and the geting an brave ganker to kill them! That will increase your gankscore too!

It seems the gankscore is just like our statistics there are lies, damn lies and gankscore.

I like the idea of your guild but killing Bots and then saying your better than other Pvp players. No! You must show that your guild is better that other players not by artifically increasing a somewhat flawed measure of success but by building a reputation. By attacking Bots and 'stealing' honor doesn't cut it.

Note by 'stealing' I mean using characters that are against the ToS (the Bots) to gain honor.

Nikola Begedin said...


While i disagree with Gevlon on allot of things, i fail to see your point there. The whole point of the ganking project was not to become some sort of "noble" revolutionist or anything like that. It was to make horde's life a living hell. They are gankers, not professional duelists.

Anonymous said...

@ Thaing you completely missed the point of the project didn't you? They're not there to become the next "sup fresh" they are here to rebalance the server, to destroy all those fanboys. Nowdays everyone stays in capitals because they have no reason to go out, by destroying the gold farming bots they reduce the amount of items on the AH and the amount of gold for sale which would force the Morons and Slackers to exit their shelters and go look for other ways to make money, leading them straight into IG's hands.

Klepsacovic said...

You make it sound so easy, maybe some M&S could even do it.

Tonus said...

accumulating kills against botters will not make horde's life a living hell. It may provide some satisfaction, although it may also prove irritating. As you can see, this is the second time that Gevlon notes that Blizzard doesn't take action against such an obvious cheater.

On the other hand, if they're able to control Wintergrasp and force the horde to pay attention, the upcoming changes could drive them up the wall and be very entertaining.

Sojourner said...

@Gevlon, Have you heard about any US servers doing a ganking project?

Oxymustard said...

Tonus, it will make it a hell for them to find mats. The less the bots are able to farm, the higher the prices will go. Not just of raw mats, but also for boe crafts, glyphs, flasks etc. So more M&S will go out into the wild to ''farm for free'' . It's just a matter of time.

Thaing said...


I know I have a problem reading things and then commenting immediately. As I am not any part of the project it shouldn't and doesn't matter to me whether the guild use spurious and flawed measures of success.

But I do disagree with you on the 'noble' element. The ganking guideline rule says the score is a 'hall of fame' 'a personal perspective' targeting bots doesn't not support this ideal (in my opinion but rules change).

Also retarded behaviour rules - targeting Bots is retarded behaviour it achieves nothing.(except to inflate a false measure of success the gankscore)

Yaggle said...

I think that it's very awesome you kill the bots sometimes. I hate botting and people who run bots and I think it's very noble to kill them since Blizzard does such a bad job of discouraging them. You guys are rocking and it is good to see! I am always very interested to see how things are going with your ganking project.

Narx said...

I think Oxymustard has it. I must admit, until I read his comment I found it a touch hard to understand why killing bots was worth it other than the stupidly high consisten honour gains.

Honour = pvp gear = better ganking.

But if you kill off the bots, then the economy changes. If the economy changes, people start to farm on their own. If they are out and about farming...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you could get a couple of priests to chain-mc the botters to an area where the bots would "break" and no longer function.

Eaten by a Grue said...

I think Gevlon is managing to do in WoW what is very difficult to do, change things. For the most part, whatever you do on your server, even if done at a very high level (e.g. HC raiding), leaves barely an impression. Tell someone you killed the Lich King, and if it's not a server first, you get a shrug, or a half-hearted "grats".

But here, a nearly abandoned faction is being revitalized and the change is being felt realm-wide. Good job!