Greedy Goblin

Sunday, May 23, 2010

7 vs 49+

Another week, another wintergrasp report:

14:35 assault won
17:25 defense lost
20:15 assault won
23:05 defense lost

10:55 defense lost
13:25 assault lost
15:55 assault lost
18:25 skipped due to raid
21:10 skipped due to raid

16:55 assault lost
19:25 assault lost
21:40 assault won

12:55 defense won
15:15 defense lost
18:05 assault lost
20:30 note missing (don't slack people!)

16:40 assault lost
19:20 assault lost
21:30 assault won

12:40 assault won
15:10 defense won
17:40 defense won
20:00 defense lost

16:15 assault won
18:40 defense won
21:10 defense lost

Please note the increase in "defense won". Also we finally found a way to counter zerg. The Friday 16:15 assault was insane. We had 20 tenacity, we were 7 (6 from the guild) and the horde was 49+. We still won. Also, with 15 tenacity we held WG against the next attack. If you want to win against such numbers, don't hesitate, join (after reading the rules)!

PS: we are organizing a nasty world PvP event for today, I will report it next week!


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I'm quite impressed of your evolving success. On my own server, i'm on the winning side, and it's really sad to see the alliance slacking randomly instead of fighting for the objectives. You are showing that the Blizzard tool to make the fight as balanced as possible, well used, are efficient!

Good luck for all the future pvping, i love to read these reports :)

Anonymous said...

"Listen up gnome.

Stop the freaking farm killing on level 60s in hellfire/other OL zones. It DOESN'T make you cool and if you do it one more time I will personally farm YOU all day on MY warlock, ok? Seriously, it's not our fault there's nothing else to do on Alliance, go reroll on an other realm or have a faction change but leave low level hordes alone!" to flame Gloater (one dedicated individual)

Realm Statistics
-> 416 (3%) 11,680 (97%)

So even one individual can have an impact on the community!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah. So "skipped due to raid" is not red again. Why is that? WG is your focus as a PvP guild, isn't it?

Wilson said...

So, what wrong at 21:10 Friday? Too few people? Too many? Better organized opponent? Obviously, something is still missing from the plan to lock down Wintergrasp, but it's not clear what. Why are you running off to some new "nasty event" with your stated goal so far from complete?

Also, I have to agree Anon 15:25 - skipping WG to raid gives the other faction just as much access to VOA as a loss, and should be counted (colored) as such.