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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ganked too much

Note: Monday's post header have been posted by mistake. If you saw an empty post, sorry.

This guy is not in our guild. He is just one sorry alliance on EU-Maghteridon:

Yep, he was ganked 1000+ times. Of course we are not here to avenge or protect him and the others. This picture is just here to describe the size of task we accepted. If you are interested to gank back the pretty bold horde here, join!

PS: be warned that the ganking had some serious effect on some of the locals here:


Klepsacovic said...

Can you provide some detail on how that trade chat yell has anything at all to do with your project? I see people yell dumb stuff in trade chat all the time, and I've not heard of a ganking project on any of my servers.

Gevlon said...

It's a joke. BTW the trade chat on this server is extra stupid (but I understand if everyone thinks the same about his server)

Erik said...

It seems to have affected his spelling anyway...

Anonymous said...

Actually the trade chat on this server is weird. Dalaran is almost unbearable, what with the gold spammers and the horde continually yelling. If someone whispers you when you're there you'll probably miss it.

Trade chat in the other cities is mostly dead. Until someone says, looking for enchanter, or any group for killing ignus the furnacemaster. Throw in some Stormwind is being attacked! and that's about it.

wojtek said...

Is that an actual addon there? (adding scalps number to the tooltip) I only found GankScore - status: planning.

Gevlon said...

yes, the addon is complete, but I don't think it's uploaded to public sites

Andru said...

That's pretty bad, dying 1000+ times in world PvP.

On the other hand, those are probably Wintergrasp deaths.

Fawr said...

That isn't just someone who has done lots of battlegrounds? I'm sure that some of my toons who I've done battlegrounds with have 500-1000 deaths.

Or is your mod filtering those out somehow?

Eluzis said...

Eluzis here

After 4+ days played at 80 and having full pvp gear i want to share my thoughts:
----- PVP / ganking-----

# Furious/honor gear is superior to T9 but is stil not enough to survive ICC 10hc/25 geared people's burst
# Minor towns like Brill, Tarren Mill, Grom'gol etc... can be shut down with 3 people without risk of being overrun
# Crossroads requires a 10+ raid on the peak hours because of the "sucking effect"(= lowbie goes to high pop Orgr and shouts for help) and soon you get 10+ hordies (some ICC hc geared)
# Orgr is currently impossible to be shut down -> need at least 20+ fully PVP, good orginized and good communicated people to make any resistance. Because Horde is full of ICC raiding guilds + they make a lot of ICC pugs
# WG - alliance wins WG max 1 time/day. Although defending towers with 20 tenacity can give 8k+ honor from kills :D
------ Trade -------
# AH is very weak
# to find a crafter the best you can do is just search all 80ies on armory and find the ones with prof you need and add to your friends list
# Strangly enough all glyphs are listed (our guildie has an industry :p)
# Epic gems barely sell: after undercutting with QA for 1 week i managed to sell only 1 solid zircon and 1 runed cardinal. Rares are a bit better option
# Bots are the only serious suppliers of ores / herbs (and i think that's why Blizzard doesnt take any actions against them -> prices skyrocket -> casuals get frustrated -> casuals transfer(=$$) or stop playing)
------ General -------
# The only ICC raiding guild on alliance side is 'Radiance'
# Horde is spamming everthing 2-3 times in their trade chat
# Horde /yell terribly in Dalaran (my /yell is turned off since day 1)

P.S. I am really a heavy antagonist of your "scalp addon".
1) Do you know any top sporter that reached his place without loosing ?
2) Without dying from time to time i wouldn't be a real pain in the ass for the Horde in WG when i fly on a piller, turn my starfire on and kill 1-5 people at the same time

Mooo said...

Well I don't think the addon is currect... I looked this Gomlin up and he has about 7500 HK's and only about 1500 deaths period outside raids and dungeons. So how you can equate that to -21k scalps, I'm curious.

Klepsacovic said...

A joke? But those are so social!
Honestly though, my server's trade chat isn't too horrible. Anal spam seems to be gone and sometimes people even sell stuff.

@thenoisyrogue: I use an addon called Cellular to handle whispers. It pulls them out of normal chat and puts each conversation in its own box. This can clutter the screen, but it also ensures you never miss a whisper. It also stores conversations, so if someone whispers you and you forgot who they are, you can scroll up and see what you'd said before.

Gevlon said...

@Eluzis: It's completely OK to be negative. The aim is to reach positive.

@Klepsacovic: don't you think it's pretty sad that you find it a great thing that people don't do anal spam?

Anonymous said...

@thenoisyrogue you are aware that you can make a new chat window and set it to show you only whispers right?

Anonymous said...


When you faction is so imbalanced you do not leave the graveyard in Wintergrasp - actually wg is the safest place to be on a pvp server for a faction that is heavily outnumbered.


You should of gotten a starring role in Mission Impossible and while I think this is a noble ideal - you seem to be out of place to run these type of events. For your blue and gank projects you need skilled people that are committed players - from your posts I think you are lacking both.

Anonymous said...

You should consider locking down the auction house in org. The door is wide but not wide enough that it can't be completely aoe spammed with around 15 people just going at it, If people try to shoot you from the outside it's easy to break LoS, You know people (especially socials who want's to be the hero that saved the AH) are going to try and take it back, with a lock in the raid you can summon new people to the site in the back of the AH (this is were that complete AoE spam can get useful).
I was in a pvp guild that did this to SW AH with great success, not alot of deaths (and those that died got ressed pretty fast) and a pretty decent ammount of honor, and you can even get in if you're in PvE gear because of the chaotic fighting that is ensured.

The best way of attack would be a shock attack, don't use the main entrance because alot of duelers usually hang out there on most servers. Instead hit from the west-gate go down the roofs (or to the fp and suffer a small fall) stay mounted till you get dismounted by being in the AH. Quickly kill off all guards that may be trying to annoy you and nuke down auctioneers and anyone inside who is trying to kill you or are pvp-flagged. As long as you have good healers and a lock for summoning more people (you can even spam /2 from Org to invite more people from outside the guild) this should be fairly succesful and great fun.

TechDeft said...


You should of gotten a starring role in Mission Impossible and while I think this is a noble ideal - you seem to be out of place to run these type of events. For your blue and gank projects you need skilled people that are committed players - from your posts I think you are lacking both."

First the Mission Impossible it a bad joke?

Second, sweet shit talking from behind the anon tag.

I do wish I had a European version of the game. I'm more interested in the blue project than the ganking one, but either would be fun to try.

Gevlon - Off topic question, maybe for a different post. Tobolds recent experiments with Eve inspired me to try the game. I'm finding the learning curve isn't as steep as I expected(am I just smarter than I think? nahhh), and it is a lot of fun, even in the beginning where I'm focused on learning skills to learn skills.

Point of this comment/question is...have you tried Eve? Read about it?

I'm pretty sure they made Eve with YOU in mind, Gevlon.

Anonymous said...

The GankScore addon has some problems, my mains have +4000 and -2000 scalps, while the one with -2000 scalps has probably died 2-5 times less than +4000 scalps char.

I think the reason for those bugs is WG: back then when WG wasnt actually a BG you could easily get HUGE amounts of HK without dying, at least as healer.. So my restodruid has that +4000 scalps score. But anyways, it matters very little if the addon works perfectly or not, if you ask me.