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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Morons of the week

It's not WoW, but definitely business and belongs here. Some crawler bot read my e-mail address, so I got this great offer:
I'm unfortunately not in the position to take on this wonderful possibility, nor on the countless others like this.

This 4/5 T9, 0 enchant, 0 gem, 69/0/2 specimen broke red on PoS, started the Sylvanas-Uther talk in HoR, and jumped out to repair. But couldn't get back in time and go locked out as the encounter was in progress (by Vaeldar)

Dual specs were obviously implemented to let you have 71/0/0 and 0/71/0 in the same time, as this wonderful specimen, who, besides his stellar DPS, also kindly asks for better gear (by Ethyan of Eonar - US)

I assume Aeonus of Mazrigos-EU was mean some time before, because he got this nice letter:

I've posted some forums where M&S whine about prices. But this is the king of all. Decrease the cost of arcane powder as creating tables make mages broke (by Gabbaell).

And another forum (by Victor). Paladins and DKs are overpowered. Sounds boring? No it's not their burst DPS that needs nerf, nor their AoE tanking. It's the 20% mount speed that gives them game-breaking unfair advantage in farming nodes!

Keep sending morons while they keep being morons!


Wildhorn said...

@Gevlon: About the mage table powder price... it is obvious it is a troll and not a real post.

Anonymous said...

What about the "unfairness" of people with 310% mount? Or a paladin with a 310% mount with Crusader Aura doing Aura Mastery?

Anonymous said...


Exploring the idea is ridiculous from the very start.

Nodes are not a continuous resource, in fact they are quite discrete. Thus the calculation that movement speed affects gathering speed, but it's not that great.

Anti said...

perhaps Blizzard should set it up so gear with correct stats appears to be "epic" to that class.

so hunters see +SP mail gear as vendor trash and +Agi / AP mail gear as epic.

perhaps not the gear itself but the tooltip line with the correct stat. in the same way +armour items are highlighted green. hilight AGI and AP for hunters, STR for DKs and haste for priests.

Anonymous said...

While we are at it.

Yes, that is a hunter using defense neck and ring. The neck is even gemmed.

The real problem with the arcane powder is the low stack size. You just cant buy like 1k and forget about it.

Anonymous said...


That's ridiculous. Gearing-up meta-game is subjected to buffs and nerfs. Often, a minor patch ripples and morphs the ideal stat into something else.

Case in point: Up until last season, Hunters and Dks had to gem for spellpen in their PvP gear for a heightened efficiency of Explosive Shot and Scourge Strike.

Often, Blizzard doesn't KNOW what the ideal stat is until the theorycraft is widely available. How much +block gear was pushed down tanks' throats, even if it was a decidedly subpar stat? In fact, in order to make it useful, instead of fixing it, Blizzard decided to workaround the issue and tell tanks: LOOK BLOCK ISN'T USELESS LOLUL, and introduced a cockblock mechanic in the form of HC Anubarak. (I despise that encounter so much, it's only inches away from the TBC or Vanilla resistance fights like Hydross, Mother or Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhran. Which, btw, they said they'd never ever do again.)

And let's not even get the itemization for boomkins.

Long story short, Blizzard is often as clueless about what itemization people need as the average LFD PuG moron.

Anonymous said...


At first I thought it was just a troll, but when I seen he only has one profession, tailoring at 226, it starts making it a lot more likely he is just a moron.

nahtire said...

I don't quite agree with you about the scam mail. They are not the Morons, but rather the goblins.

Like you can post many auctions, some with "decent" prices, some with prices well over the real value, waiting for some morons to buy it, they send many many scams, this doesn't cost them much, and the few morons who will answer them will be enough for a profit.

Darth Solo said...

" are not going violet any law..." ROFLMAO!!!

Enthion said...

@ Anonymous who replied @ Anti (...)

The point isn't to highlight the best stat for that class, but viable stats. I.e. Strength, Crit, Haste, Armpen, Hit, Expertise for a DK.

It would make for less morons, as they will follow anything (It has higher gearscore so it must be better -> It has green so it must be better), but it doesn't trivalise gearing (any more than it already is) because it simply highlights useful stats, not the best stats.

The Gnome of Zurich said...

"Like you can post many auctions, some with "decent" prices, some with prices well over the real value, waiting for some morons to buy it, they send many many scams, this doesn't cost them much, and the few morons who will answer them will be enough for a profit."

That's hardly the same thing. Listing things for high prices is not scamming. These scams offer something that they do not deliver in hopes of getting information that allows them to steal your money.

They are not the equivalent of goblins, they are the equivalent of hackers.

Anonymous said...

10 year old carried by his parents.
here is his armory disgrace to our guild.