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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Morons of the week

The classic by Rob:

"Jo aka Big" sold a single frostweave cloth at the price of a stack. They just can't learn:

Selling below vendor cost is still a huge business to the morons (by moowow):

Selling seasonal vendor items to morons is a cheap way to get rich (by Devin):

Mike's glyph pricing was found inappropriate by someone.
Than Cozmo got the same letter.
Finally Bhubluscious of Ysera - US sent me the same letter. The same moron submitted three times, that's a crit or something!

Alectris from Khadgar was politely reminded that her business is immoral:


Anonymous said...

I am sorry but I gotta say I love all the threats to report for scam and fraud.


Grodus said...

My mind has been sufficiently stabbed by the last one.

Nagbag said...

..which you can report too, for explicit insults (free tip).

pambuk said...

@Nagbag Free? Shame on you! ;p

S.B. said...

Bugger, wish I'd screenshot it. Seems it dowsn't always pay to jump right down some M&S's throat. Got a msg from a guy calling me a douchebag for selling a L43 cloth item for 185g. Wrote him back asking what he thought was a fair price for it. He responded with an offer to buy it for 75g, which I proptly COD'd. I had picked it up for 5g three days earlier. Seems the carrot-on-a-stick still has value.

Samus said...


If someone created 5 alts on your server just to scam a quick 1k gold out of you, would you post the pics to "Morons of the week?"

Gevlon said...

@Samus: of course. This site is about goblinism. I'm far from being perfect, and often learn from my own mistakes. If someone can "scam" me, I would congratulate the smart guy.

Anonymous said...

So if some one buys the plain letter that I put on the AH for 5000 gold I am a scammer? PLEASE report me!!!! If you are dumb enough to buy it, your problem pal.

Roger said...

The one saying the Goblin translator spit out M&S is priceless.