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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Morons of the week 3

This one is not completely funny. I mean it is for a true goblin, but if you have a social bit in you you might feel uneasy or weird. This guy is not just some random moron. He is a "skilled" social. The letter is a perfect collection of the social arsenal to force the fellow socials into obedience. If you don't do as he says, you have "no character", you are "desperate", a "child", a "loser" or whatever unlovable being. Well, news for you punk: here no one wants to get your love. We want your gold! Oh wait, we can't get that, because Copulater (do you know what your name means dude?) took it already>:

You know how can you be monopolist in WoW? You buy out every possible supply and relist it higher, forcing the buyers who can't wait until tomorrow to buy your overpriced items. Well, something tells me that Lekki will have hard time buying out the stocks of Paper on Proudmoore-US:

The sender was a moron for sending the letter, regardless its contents. Repeat after me: "I will not send angry/educating letters to the competition" Lying letters can go. Secondly, he ignored that transmutation spec alchemists get procs. However he is not moron for ignoring the possibility of under-market saronite. If Darrin (the sender of this photo) would not be transmuter, he'd be better off selling the saronite itself.

Esia of Lightbringer-US did the simplest thing: sold milk. Most probably for the highest value I've seen:

Zullok of Vashij-US sold milk. 6 to the same guy. I guess the buyer is not the greatest thinker of our time:


Heavy B said...

To be honest Gevlon I was at some point doubtful about the selling ice cold milk in AH. I thought that someone might've just bought the milk off the AH using another account or something just to bring up a material to be posted on blog.

But man I was wrong. And I apologize for doubting.

It turned out that I thought that people are naturally smart, but boy I was wrong. After I tried it myself and making a profit by selling vendor items in silly high price. I realized that I would make profit by utilizing the stupidity of some people.

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Zullok of Vashij-US sold milk. _6_ to the same guy. I guess Gevlon is not the greatest enumerator of our time.

There, I fixed it :)

Anonymous said...

Seems to me, Gevlon, that if you were really going to use every tool in your toolbox to eliminate the competition and make a profit, sending mail intended to 'guilt' a person into leaving the market is a viable Goblin tactic.

Ismaris said...


"If a free market economy includes the possibility of hurt feelings, I say we abandon the whole thing."

That made me seriously laugh out loud. Great MotW!

Eionic said...

You seem awfully judgmental against being exploited by (what you call) ape-subroutines. However, you also demonstrate this same judgement towards those that attempt to exploit them. This seems to be a contradiction, as exploiting your competition through lying is acceptable.

Personally, it seems your worldview is shaky at best. Don't get me wrong, doing what your competition wants is a good way to be uncompetitive. But attempting to modify your competition through social programming seems to be a viable (and sometimes shockingly successful ) tactic. I.e. 'educating' your competition so they raise their prices, and allow your share of the market to slip from their fingers sounds like a good risk/reward calculation. I mean it takes me 30 seconds to send the ingame mail, and the worst that can happen is I end up with my bankalt's name on your blog. Best case, the competition does what I educate them to do, and I make more g.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Titanium transmutes, isn't the submitter disregarding the opportunity cost of selling the Saronite bars for a profit instead?

Anonymous said...

I have some pretty interesting screenshots of things I sold over christmas, where do I send them?

ZacharyPruckowski said...

re: Titanium Transmutes

No, he's not ignoring that opportunity cost. If he's selling 20 Ti Bars as a Transmute Master, he used 128 Saronite Bars (made 16 Ti and got 4 Procs), worth 256 gold. He's selling the Ti Bars at 319 gold, so he's 63 gold over the opportunity cost. His profits are higher because he got the Saronite cheap.

Tonus said...

The first moron is not trying to guilt socials, he is trying to guilt morons. You can be social and still see through his game ("if you do not give me what I want, you are a bad person"). A social may fall for that, but it's because he's an idiot, not a social.

Moxy said...

Dont know whats funnier....the buying of milk on the 80...or the fact that a lvl 80 lock did it...