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Friday, July 17, 2009

The next apprentice

While among the blog comments there were lot of demands for engineering apprentice, the most common profession among applicants was leatherworking.

So the /roll was among the 17 leatherworkers. The winner is Tzigone. Since it's unfair with the other applicants, next time I will post which tradeskill I want to try now, so others don't waste their time.

I discarded 29! application because of not having decent tradeskill. I covered that with Ydraisa. Below 375 tradeskill is a big problem. If you still have such, you either did not care about my effort with Ydraisa (and then why should I do effort with you), or you are simply lazy.

An interesting note. Huge majority of the applicants were (RL) female. The possibilities for this strange thing:
  • women ask for advice easier. Men guard their dignity and keep on grinding elementals while claiming to be AH wizards.
  • huge majority of my readerbase is female (time to rent the Playboy-mansion for a RL writer-reader meeting)
  • most of the internet girls are fat guys thinking that the other fat guys will give them things/pick them
Since I have no way to check it out, I stick to my policy that the sex of your character matters. So Tzigone will be "she".


vlad said...

'Since I have no way to check it out, I stick to my policy that the sex of your character matters.'
'ent the Playboy-mansion for a RL writer-reader meeting'
to find out that
'most of the internet girls are fat guys thinking that the other fat guys will give them things/pick them'

would be hilarious

Diogo said...

Hello gevlon, i mailed you (no wasnt about the apprentice thing) and you didnt answered back ^^ so if you can and when you be able to do it i will apreciate it :)

´cumps and keep the good work with blog :P

Anonymous said...

She got epic flying! D:

Bjorn Hegstad said...

Forth possible explanation: Females are worse with numbers and economics, and therefore need Gevlon's help more than men.

I'm not saying it's true. I'm just saying it's a possible explanation.

Anonymous said...

@bjorn That's nonsense. Show your work.

@Gevlon It's been demonstrated that female avatars are more likely to make sales, and less likely to make enemies in game. I'd bet that many female avatars that are played by men (and I can say that anecdotally, this seems to be common) are trying to take advantage of this.

Anonymous said...

In my experience, female players tend to have an easier time saying, "Okay, I'm doing something wrong but I'm not sure what it is. Can you take a look at x factor, y factor and z factor to help me figure this out?" whereas a lot of male players will continue to do things their way and have a harder time admitting when they're doing something wrong.

I have dealt with exceptions, though.

One may also be surprised at the number of dudes that play female toons (and ladies that play male toons).

I'm quite interested in seeing how this goes, as I'm also sitting on a leatherworker (441).

Anonymous said...

There's also the reason that certain races the female character just looks better than the male. Especially alliance, the male characters of human and NE just look a bit gay, whereas dwarf and gnome males have character.

Grumpy Misanthrope said...

Actually, what I'd like to see you do is discuss the details of how you decide how to approach a market. you usually just say what market you are in and may mention a specific item or two, but you don't really discuss how you determine how to approach the market.

And how much time it takes you...

Anonymous said...


He's done this many times- just install lilsparky, scan the AH, and see what you can afford to make profitably.

Christian said...

I have 450 BS/Ench, 440 inscript/420 JC, and still got rejected :(

Buu Gevlon, give us with descent professions a break to!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Leatherworking!

-RL Female/Female Tauren Hunter

Anonymous said...


if he didn't e-mail you back it's because you're m&s

Orgalia said...

:) Good luck to your new apprentice. I look forward to seeing the leatherworking profession. I haven't had one.

Sven said...

Leatherworking is a really boring tradeskill, Gevlon. No money to be made here :p

The last thing I want to see is all the M&S with L/W figuring out how to make money from it. That's bad for my business.

Shoo! Go away nasty goblin!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Gevlon thinks of goblins being a potential race in the next x-pac.

Rambus said...

I'm always amazed at how few LWs make and post armor kits, glove reinforcements, leg enchants, and the like. On my server, I always have to advertise for a LW when I need these things.

Anonymous said...

So, what exactly are you telling your apprentices that you aren't telling us on your blog? Or have you said it all before and now you are just re-telling it to your apprentices?

Carra said...

* All women love Gevlon!

Sir Nicholai said...

"So, what exactly are you telling your apprentices that you aren't telling us on your blog? Or have you said it all before and now you are just re-telling it to your apprentices?"

From what I can see, he's said it all before. He just tended to say it in a general way ("Scan professions for profit, undercut AH alot, scan trade looking for low price mats, etc") and now he's giving specific tops to specific professions. These people could do it themselves, but a coach can be very helpful for giving tips and motivation.

I would be more interested to see him form a goblin business in game. I started taking his basic tip a few months ago, then on a top from one of my friends, realized that I didn't need tradeskills or to bother leveling them up. I just needed to find people who did have them.
I now have essentially a small company in game, and I'm supplied by 10 miners and 4 herbalists. I employ an inspritionist to make my inks, 3 jewelcrafters to prospect and craft green items for me, 2 disenchanters to disenchant the rings, and all I do is sit at a mailbox shunting stuff around and buying stuff cheap from trade and the auction house, crafting some glyphs and gems, and making 2-4k a day.

If you're interested in the company method, you can read more here:

to be honest, most people will read it and dismiss it as something that's too complicated, or requires an ecomonics degree, or that they dont' have the stomach to handle. It is not completely for friendly social people, although you can make money without being a complete and total bastage.

Anonymous said...

Making Mammoth Mining Bags has been profitable on my server, buying 40 Heavy Borean Leather for around 200g, I can make 5 Bags from that which sell for 50-55g each. Quick, easy, steady. Sometimes I get lucky and pick up leather for a lot cheaper, even crafting Heavy B. Leather From regular B. Leather may be profitable.