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Friday, May 1, 2009

Buying spree

While I was busy buying stuff for my main for the transfer, I saw a LF1M healer Sarth+1. Since I haven't been in a raid in a long time, I thought it's a good opportunity to shake off the rust. Well, after an hour of "practicing", I decided to go back buying.

The main problem is the following: You have 5 bag slots. The bank have 7 and the bank itself counts as one. Two bags hold my resist gear and necessary items. One is my inscription bag, full of inks. I'll need it to restart my glyph business and on the top of that, it's "Made by [girlfriend]". So I have 10 bag slots left. I have to put 200000G into these, that's 20K/bag, or 1K/slot.

Epic items worth more than 1K. Too bad that the new server is much more progressed than my current. So the epic prices are half of my old server's. There are Ulduar BoE-s on sale for less than 10K. Even a Phaelia's vestment was on sale for 8.5K! So there goes the plan for transferring epics.

So the first priority was to increase bag space. At first I bought an Inscribed loot of Kirin Tor, as it is on my finger and not in the bag. Then I bought 3 glacial bags. I made something really stupid here, learn from it! I had most of the materials as I have two high level tailors. I bought some more materials, found a crafter who would make them for 100G tip. What I didn't do is checking the AH. There were just 3 bags in there for 650G. The material prices were 800-850G. I don't know who is the moron who sells the bags below mat price, but I know who was the moron who did not checked the product before crafting: me.

My GF crafted a Mammoth mining bag what I filled with Eternal Earths. While they sell higher on the new server than on the old one, even if we count with 10G price, that's just 200G/slot, 6400G/bag. I'm falling behind here.

I bought several Book of glyph masteries, 500G each. They stack as 10 so I could place 5K G in a slot! Too bad that this is the fastest deflating item in the game.

GF crafted Icescale leg armor. They sell for 300G+ and stack as 20. That's 6K/slot.

I crafted two stacks of bolt of imbued frostweave, 400G/slot.

Bought several exotic pets like dragon whelplings. 1-2K/slot.

I've already filled 3 bags and spent only 25K! But fear not. As a druid - a true nature's child - can solve every problems.

PS: according to my first scans, the glyph business will be 2-3x bigger than my old server. Average glyph prices around 30G. That's going to change!


Koji said...

Have you checked how well certain trade skill items transfer on price? Titansteel Bars, Dragon's Eyes, Frozen Orbs, Abyss Crystals. They all stack to 20 so depending on server prices, that could be ~2k per slot. Though if you are transferring to a more mature server, their prices may be lower than your current server. Another thing could be Runed Orbs which will certainly sell for a lot. But given how new they are, the price could be fairly volatile.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, to be honest, stack Runed Orbs, a good progressing server will require ALOT of these.

You wake it, you tank it. said...

As a druid - a true nature's child - can solve every problems.This sounds like the most optimistic post Gevlon's ever had...

Anonymous said...

Thought about Frost Lotus? Raiders go through lots of flasks, part of your offer was to fill the guild bank with consumables.

Criven said...

Hmmm. I read this blog relatively often, but never have had a reason to post.

I do love complex knapsack problems though.

Again, a pure solution isn't going to be worthwhile for you (you want low risk as well as good packing properties so you don't want to overinvest in one or two items unless they're an *iron clad* seller)

I assume you're going to max your bag space with Glacial bags and "profitable" Trade bags (for the bank slots).

There's a few big stacking cash cows you should consider (though the worth of these varies depending on your server's value and availability for them):

Noble Cards (each of the 8 should stack to 20)
Blue gems/Scarlet Rubies (stacks to 20)
Abyss crystals (stack to 20)

Even taking the lowest Wowhead value for a Noble card (500 for the four), that's 10k a slot for the Nobles. Considering that the noble cards will reinforce demand for each other - that's not a bad way to store 80k in 8 slots, assuming you can get them. These look to be the most efficient cash transfer at the moment. Some risk in these but not cripplingly so.

Scarlet Rubies are high demand, high value - lets take them at a low value 50g a pop. That puts them at 1k a bag slot. Likely, they'll fetch 75 or more gold. If you want, the 24 slot jewelcrafting bag is very cheap, and adds a couple of slots to your total.

Abyss Crystals are a good bet. 100g or so a pop and they're going to be a constant income source for a year and a half (unless Blizz buck trends and introduce a new Uber crystal before the next expansion). 2k a stack and if you want to go nuts, the 32 slot Mysterious Bag is as big as bags get.

Personally, I'd think long and hard about 64k of those - demand is going to be higher than average for the next while (Ulduar gear) and supply is going to be lower. On the other hand, 64k worth is going to take time to recoup.

Markco said...

Gevlon just transfer 2 chars :)

Gevlon said...

@Anonymous: frost lotus cost 55G on my server, 35 on the new one. Would be too big loss.

@Criven: Noble cards cost DOUBLE on my server as on the new. Gems cost 30-50% more. Abyss crystals are under collection

@Markco: spend real money to decrease challenge in a game = cheating.

Ramsey said...

I think if you transfer servers, your bags will lose the "Made by Girlfriend" tag, even if she transfers with you. So unless you've got more than 20 slots worth of inks and such, you might want to ditch that bag and have her make it for you again - unless she's not transferring with you, that is.

Anonymous said...

It's his game on solving this problem, and he is enjoying :)

On the other hand, if he's willing to spend Real Life Money, why didn't he buy gold in the first place :) (Other than "illegal" or not)

You can also look for rare iten
e.g recipts like: Schematic: Lifelike Mechanical Toad or Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight.
or even Mechano-hog
(but you'll lose some gold as well, I guess it's against your principle of transfer right?)

Anyway, please let us know your updates. It'll be very interesting :)

Criven said...

Pity that.

On the off chance: How about the price of finished Nobles decks on the new server compared to the cards on the old?

j said...

How about Mechanohogs, they have a pretty fixed cost, just have to find people who want them on the new server.

Frizzl said...

Epics going for 10kg !? Yikes my server is seeing the 219 (Ulduar 10) boes going for around 1-2k, and the ilvl 226 (25man) boes sitting in the 2500-4000g range. Some of the old pre-ulduar epics are selling for more, but most have crashed.

I'm hoping the prices stabilize once the initial flood dies down, but even nobles decks or je'tze bells don't go for more than 6k, I'd kill to be able to trade epics for 10k a piece!

Aftersox said...

I wonder what this glut of currency is going to do your realm economy. Are you going to have to pace your buying as to offset possible inflation? Or is the size of the daily economy significantly larger than your buying spree?

Althalas said...

You can also buy mounts for yourself if you run out of slots. I know you want to re-sell items, but if you cannot fit any more inventory you can do this to not "waste" the gold in the transfer.

The same goes for pets as well. No bag slots required.

Anonymous said...


How are you protecting yourself if the guild doesn't follow through with your demands?

Tsiar said...

Well, you can always take a loss. The goal is to get as much as possible over right? Not all? Any money you can't take with you will be made up fast (Hopefully) when you have a glyph market like that waiting for you.

Thandros said...

How long have you been "seriously" trying to hit the gold cap? Im only bringing in a couple hundred gold a day and it seems like i'll never get there. Ofcourse, im still pretty new to the Auction House in general, so...

Kevan Smith said...

I bet you could get all the turn-in items you need to raise your rep to exalted with a number of factions. Even if you don't care about that, they stack in lots of 250 and sell pretty well. I'm thinking Relics of Ulduar here, but BC things are good, too.

Fixee said...

Gevlon: don't invest in deflating markets! Gah! So much bad advice here...

Things are starting to rise again after the 3.1 sell-off slump. Those are items you can depend on.

Jason said...

Why do you need to transfer it all over? Transfer what you can and go from there. Making that money back on a new server will probably be enjoyable for you

Dan said...

Good luck Gev!

Anonymous said...

Gevlon, don't know if you've thought about this but you mentioned you have some resist gear which is "mandatory to bring" But this it seems to me is wasted space. A stack of abyss crystals, or really anything else would more than make up for the loss you would take having the resist gear crafted on your new realm.

I would have a couple sentimental things to bring with me on a transfer, but that doesn't seem to me to be the "goblin" way. Good luck on your new journey!

Lupius said...

I believe you made a mistake by publicly disclosing your plans like this. If the players on your new servers know what you're converting your gold into, then the buyers for that item would hold out until you put them up for fast sales, and the sellers for that item would try to get rid of them before your massive influx of supply. This means by the time you actually transfer, you'd be forced to undercut an already deflated price.

Bitwise said...

Lupius: If that happened Gevlon would simply wait until the prices go back up to normal.