Greedy Goblin

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Born to be wild

Several commenters suggested, but I already planned how to transfer most of my money: by crafting mechano-hogs and transferring them.

Hogs need 1500G worth of materials and 12500G worth of vendor-materials. The latter cost the same on all servers.

I'm almost done with the buying spree. In a day I can make the transfer.


Mogresh of Moon Guard said...

Best of luck to you in your new home.

Kring said...

How long do you estimate to sell the 7 hogs without destroying the price?

Viscount said...

The mats for making hogs can be engineered and looted from the flame leviathan and deconstructor in ulduar.
This will eventually effect the price but I think it will take a long time.
I think this is blizzards way of trying to repay poor engineers who really have no advantage in making the hog in comparison to anyone else that wants one.

Jong said...

best of luck to you. i look forward to reading your posts when you start raiding with the new guild.

Rubymelon said...

Best wishes for your new goblin raiding:)

Okrane S. said...

Once you join your new server, I belive it would be interesting for all of us that you to write about the assessment of the new realm's economy and particular niches.

It would be a good study to see how one finds opportunities on a new place with probably harsher competition.

Good Luck to you.

Dunken said...

Glad i could help :)
I love your blog and looking forward to read it from your new perspective :D

Sydera said...

The Mechano-hog price stays stable thanks to the set materials price.

Hell, I'd buy one from you. I've been saving for mine for a few weeks.

Stellar Drift said...

You gotta be kidding, there is a market for a hog? No way I'd buy one from someone else.