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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gold from boosting

Boosting is usually bashed on this blog. However you can boost others with brain in your head: if you charge them!

I made some test with my own bankalt, my GF-s bankalt and a lvl 80 in RFC.

When my lvl 10 banker was boosted against a lvl 14 earthborer, I gained 32XP, included rested. My GF-s lvl 13 banker got 44 XP for a similar mob.

However when both of us were inside, I gained 40XP and she gained 66, due to group bonus!

When the two bankers killed the eartborer without booster, we gained 214 and 344.

  • The largest XP is undoubtably is the non-boosted XP.
  • The closer lvl you are to monsters, the more XP you get. I assume yellow mobs give the most, so it's pointless to go RFC as lvl 10
  • The more smalls are inside, the more XP one gets
  • Obviously, the more boosted, the more payment for the same run.
The bottom line is: collect 4 people in the instance level before you seek a booster. Much more XP for 1/4 payment.

Obviously: if they don't pay and you boost them, you are dumb!

I'm rewriting an old analysis, will post it at the early afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Having been boosted through SM by some friend, I call tell that you get much more XP from yellow mobs, then green and orange mobs. Obviously you get nothing from grey mobs and counter-intuitively very little from red mobs.

If you look at how the XP is broken down, there is a group bonus added, maybe it is what you observed by having many low-level boosted by a higher level.

Fixee said...

When I would dual-box my alts through instances (using my main to run them) I would always let other lowbies come along for free: because I knew I would get more xp that way.

You want to lower the average level of the players in the instance to dilute the effect of the 80 who's running you through.

Owen said...

Do any goblins out there make business for themselves boosting lowbies?

I have boosted for gold once or twice, and usually request all the cloth drops in addition to payment, but the time to gold ratio is pretty crap.

RedFox said...

On my server this is a thriving business. People ask in trade-chat all the time for runs through e.g. Scarlet Monastery or The Stockade. It seems the going rate is around 5 to 20 gp per run, depending on the length and level involved. Since people often want multiple runs (for specific loot drops) the gold can rack up quite swiftly.

I've never really bothered, as I can make more money at the AH than I can running lowbies, but it's certainly an opportunity.

Narkondas said...

Fixee is correct. The XP formula works roughly like this:

First Mob XP is calculated as if it was killed by the average level of the party.

Then the XP is distributed across the party using each characters level as "weight".

If the mob was "gray" to a character they will still take a "share" of the XP, but they will not receive it.

Finally group bonus is added, as well as any rested bonus. Group bonus is 16& for 3 players, 30% for 4 players and 40% for five players.

For more accurate info see here:

Given the above, the ultimate way to powerlevel a char would be to:

- Use on booster of the lowest possible level to effeciently complete the desired content. (High enough that it is risk free and fast, but no need to be overpowered)
- Choose a place with enemies around the same level as the boostee. (Is that a word?)
- Add three level 1 chars to the party and drag them around - making sure they keep in XP range.
- Make sure the bostee has rested XP.

The level one's will lower the average level of the party, meaninng more XP is gained, but since they are only level 1 they will take a very little share of the XP-cake - leave more for the booster.

Darraxus said...

If I ever ran someone through an instance who was not a friends, my terms would be gold up front, all of the cloth drops and BoE blues that may drop. Depending on the run, you can make a nice chunk of cash.

Gibbiex said...

Our favorite place to 'boost' is to do scarlet monestary. It's boosted so much on horde side that silk prices are routinely 1 silver each, almost nothing. However, when my friend took me through SM, most of the mobs were orange or red to me, and I got 250xp per kill (I was about 33 at the time). Later when we ran it in a 3-som of a proper group (tank/healer/dps) at level 40 (the mobs were green/yellow to us), i got the same amount of XP.

Bottom line: It really depends, you can get a huge amount of XP from boosts as long as you are rested and have the BOA shoulders

If you start with absolutely empty bags you can make 10-20 gold per run, but with a level 80 you can do a run in 10-15 minutes. It's fastest to ignore the drops and just do the run through.

The funnest is with our little group (healer/dps/tank) though. Boosting is very boring.