Greedy Goblin

Friday, February 20, 2009

No Screenshot

Megs wanted me into the screenshot thing. Too bad that I don't have screenshot. I make them, I use them for the blog or sending funny ones to buddies and delete them. So I had only 4 screenshots in the folder, 2 already used in the blog today and yesterday, and 1 is for tomorrow and 1 is almost the same as the 1 for tomorrow, just from a different angle.

Have I mentioned I have 38 emply slots on my back and an almost clear bank? :-)


Megan said...

Boo to yoo!

Viscount said...

Bravo on having space. On my skinning toon its a constant bane to my existence when I ask someone to loot a corpse so I can skin in a instance and their comment is "Sorry, my bags are full" I always just tell them to click it so someone else can loot after then but I degress.
I am always shocked when these people complain about having no money. Yes there are better ways to make money but if you are there then that is the best option available at the momment.

No one is going to turn down a $5 bill because their wallet is full.

Max said...

Don't be offended but at times you sound bit boring ^^
It's probably not the case and you are having great fun even when you aren't making gold but it's just the picture I've gotten after having read through all your blogs.
Keep up the good work though, you have new daily reader! :)