Greedy Goblin

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Damage more than the tank! ... Oh wait!

Listing 850 glyphs is boring even with all the addons. So I went to heal VoA10 (don't judge me, I was really bored).

However it was a new miracle. I've always seen M&S DPS below the tank. But this was the first time that someone healed below the tank. (Arkeon prot)


Anonymous said...

Nerf Judgement of Light?

That says more about low damage intake throughout the raid than a poor healer - it's likely you only beat him by having HoT's up before people took damage!

Delos (Dave) said...

The factors that went into this screenshot seem to be:

1) He's undergeared, at least according to his armory. He's wearing mostly the blue PvP set.

2) He's discipline, so a large chunk of his effective healing is not being captured by the meters; power word: shield, PoM, and divine aegis. Disc priests get no love with healing meters :(

3) The druid is a straight up pimp. He outgears the priest by a significant margin, and he's properly enchanted to boot. Not to mention he's an enchanter (+sp to rings) and an inscriptionist (+sp to shoulder) whereas the priest is just an enchanter.

The factor contributing most to this startling screenshot is #2 IMO, but of course all 3 play a significant contribution. I'm moreso trying to defend the spec for getting no love from damage/heal addons, but the player/spec combination really came together here to create the perfect "wtf" storm.

Goshon said...

JoL light healing goes to the Paladin now makes his healing look higher, so anyone taking heals from JoL will credit the paladin. On VoA10 more then likely your HoTs were sniping the heals out from under the Priest.

Or he just really sucks.

Argent said...

With a good group, I think you could do VoA with one-and-a-half healers, especially with Judgement of Light and a bit of willingness of people to self-heal and/or stay less than fully topped off.

I know that I was terribly bored just after hitting 80 as a third healer in a *bad* VoA run; in a decent one, I could imagine the second healer being pretty bored as well.

With enough DPS, it could actually be possible to take down Archavon with one tank, one healer, and 8 dps if one could hold the boss for about 10s once or twice.

And, as Delos points out, discipline priests prevent damage with shields and such, which isn't counted as "healing" because it isn't. AFAIK, Blizzard doesn't indicate whose shield absorbed the damage, so it's not possible to account for the damage absorbed by those shields.

Claidic said...

I don't think his spot on the meter is indicative of a fail healer. A holy paladin that was doing nothing except refreshing JoL would probably be #2 on the meter as well because JoL is amazing. It's an easy raid and as a disc priest his nice is to prevent damage, not to heal it. Disc priests are always low on the meters and it's usually a problem with the meter, not the priest. If the boss went down I see no reason to complain.

Also, to apply greedy goblin philosophy: Why should he work his ass off to try and work his way up the healing meter when he can just let the passive healing from JoL (and you) do all the work for him? He still gets the same loot.

Anonymous said...

Paladin higher than priest because:
- JoL on a fight where everyone will take damage
- Disc priest (Bad aoe healing, and lots of healing wont appear on the meter

GG thinks hes amazing because:
- He outgears the group, and the instance
- He has good AOE healing
- Druids overheal very little (HoTs) dont over heal

Marc said...

Gelvon probably knows all this and just thought the situation was funny.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure GG knows all of that. His post didn't seem as if he was ridiculing the healer or anything. He just seemed to be having a chuckle at "First time I've seen something like this!" due to how the situation worked out.

Skroo said...

If you think that is crazy, check out his overheal. Between Divine Storm and JoL, our ret pally in a 25-man Naxx typically does somewhere in the range of 2 million overheal.

Yes, that's correct. 2 million overheal.

Esdras said...

Prayer of Mending will cound as tank healing as will reflective shield glyph which heals when its put on so the healer who was out healed by the tank was indeed doing most of the tanks healing i believe.

Artorin said...

Esdras- Both of those count as the priests heals the only unseen variable is the mitigation through sheilds. Though there is a way to calculate a disc priests output if they have the glyph you can calculate how much damage your sheild absorbs. You could also count crits from spells and calculate the % aegis would absorb but these methods are very time consuming.

It is still hard to see how much of the sheilds went unused but if it was cast on the tank you can pretty much guarantee the full amount was absorbed.

But ya still funny to see a meter reading like that :P

Anonymous said...

On Saphiron, Ret Palas can easily outheal anyone on the meters, due to JoL. Makes us laugh every time.