Greedy Goblin

Monday, December 1, 2008

Business report

Despite collecting material for (and getting crafted) my own gear and the ill fated titanium speculation, I'm doing well.

What are the best sellers? Well, some glyphs provide a decent income and people still buy greater planar essence and overpriced crystallized fire, but it's not the main income.

At first, I no longer need titansteel, so I can sell the 1 I craft every day for 5-600G (materials around 300). Today I crafted the last moonshroud I need for myself, from now on, I'll craft for profit.

Secondly, people has a tendency to buy overpriced enchanted frostweave cloth. I have no idea why they do it, they could buy 15 frostweave cloth and 2 infinite dust for 40-45G, yet they pay 65-70G for a bolt.

But the main, surprise business is selling surefooted enchant on a vellum. I'm lost with it. It's a lvl 70 enchant giving +10 crit and hit. The lvl 80 version give +12 for much cheaper. Yet people buy my kits for 70G. The materials cost 20, as people are dumping my beloved void crystals.

So nothing changed. People are still dumb, and I'm still rich.


Esdras said...

I have been using some of your tips and ive made 1000gold between level 70 - 72.

That is encluding not using my profession mats as i been saving them for myself.

Gief more tips please hahaha

Chrom said...

I generally love your posts but God do you sound arrogant here. however what you are saying does remind me of the old saying

"a fool and his money are soon parted"

Anonymous said...

Your past tips on converting Knothide Leather Scraps to Heavy Knothide Leather have been spot on. And I've used the Crystallized/Eternal tip (on my server, it's air) to make some decent gold.

What killed me was speculating in Cobolt Ore - I bought it way too high and now hope to unload it some day at a break-even price. So it goes.

And speaking of stupid people, I'm making a killing on peacebloom. I'll snatch up a few stray flowers here and there that are priced at a few silver each and re-sell a 20 stack at 5 gold. Five gold for peacebloom?! It's a pre-Christmas miracle!

- Rucker

Dechion said...

Thanks for the insight, I managed 700g in a good day and 400 on an off day.

Not doing much speculating yet, but likely will soon. I already have the money to cover training and mount costs for all 3 of my toons through 80.

Kinzlayer said...

I think what you might have not taken into account is the mentality people may have about using known enchants. Most people are still stuck on the information they know from BC and go back to the old enchants, thinking that they will replace that blue/green item anyway and so might as well go with what they perceive to be the "cheaper" enchant, as it's from pre-expansion.

My enchanter has been making a killing on selling her Greater Plannar Essense. I like farming with my warlock since it's my relax mode so I have a bank full of BC enchant mats, too bad Arcane Dust aren't selling for much on my server so it sits for now (like you had said on your previous post, storage is practically free in wow).

Anubisknight said...

I made about 1200g on a lvl20 alt on a new server by selling herbs after inscription was introduced :)