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Monday, October 27, 2008

Zombie survival tip for bank alts (Horde only)

Since the zombie invasion reached phase 5, the number of Argent Healers decreased significantly and the zombifying time decreased to 1 min. So unless a properly geared raid with enough decursers patrol the city, it will fell to the scourge.

Since bank alts are low level, zombies can oneshot them, just like the auctioneers and bankers.

Here is a tip to survive the zombie invasion (horde only): relocate your alt to Undercity! The guards there are lvl 75 abominations. These creatures are undead therefor cannot be zombified! They quickly kill any zombie. UC is also very easy to defend for ranged DPS players, since the melee zombies has to climb long stairs to reach you while you can shoot them.

I never had any problems banking in UC, zombies came and got killed no time.


Tal said...

I never quite understood why all the bank alts are in Orgrimmar... Seems to me there are 2 considerations for where to park one:
1. Easy to get to - not such a big deal, since you only have to get there once, but still... Running through the tunnel to get to IF can really bum you out.
2. Mailbox close to the AH - this is the really important thing for a bank alt, since that's pretty much going to be the character's life. Check mail, go to the AH to sell stuff, log out. In that respect, the BE and Draenai cities seem to me to be the best, since there's a mailbox right outside the AH. The bank might be slightly farther (maybe, I haven't measured) but I don't think that's as important as the mailbox.

Herc said...

Thanks for the tip =)
It was hard enough to run back and forth AH and mail avoiding zombies but when you get zombified .. yeah running ftl. I was gonna move my toons to silvermoon or uc but the wife decided she enjoyed taking the disease off players heh.

Gaming Diva said...

Yes it's a good spot and where I've been doing most of my business since this zombie craze which reminds me I still need to write about the zombies. I saw a few level 70 sobie players standing right by the Flight master in shatt attacking anyone who landed. Getting my spells in Orgrimmer I was attacked by a zombie player (level 70 undead rogue.) It really annoys me that some are purposely trying to interfere with other members gameplay.