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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Offensive comment

Be warned: goblin philosophy can be easily found offensive or evil to many people. So read these posts only if you are open to controversial ideas.

Allison Robert wrote a post in WoWinsider. The summary is simple: she assumed that lot of new Death Knights are created by people who never played melee DPS before, and gave some basic information about this role. A commenter, Saiforune attacked her in a long comment, ending with:

"To all WoWinsider staff Leaders and other such runners of this website that hold some form of a management position. This is a formal complaint to remove Allison Robert from your paid staff and to please find someone more worthy of your blog who is more sensitive to the readers and upholds the News and traditions of this website."

In another comment "It is NO ONES PLACE EVER!!!!!! To deem someone a "Bad" player because they want to play the game that they ALSO pay $15 a month for."

And also: "Her format is why I complain, not the information provided, because I will admit she has good points and advice, but her format and personal opinion should NOT by any means affect her posts, but should add a nice flare and voice to her writing."

Later: "This is why I cause an outburst, Anonymity is such a great thing. Honestly If the leaders of this website would like to contact me for an even more formal complaint to remove Allison Robert from the staff that I will give out an e-mail and then later a phone number to emphasize this point. All of this is just my $0.02, but I am entitled that for what I believe in innappropriate and goes against something that I follow and have a passion for."

Most commenters called him an idiot. However, unlike in normal troll situations, where people usually handle the situation with "stfu idiot", here people reacted differently and tried to convince him or prove to "the reader" that he is wrong. Lot of long posts were formed, most of the 200!!! commenter of the topic were talking about Saiforune instead of the the topic itself and Big Bear Butt even dedicated a post bashing Saiforune.

So there are two interesting points in this issue:
  • Saiforune tries to ban someone from posting, without questioning any of her statements. He also spend huge amount of time, expose his e-mail address and keep posting altrough get no support from anyone.
  • Other people take him seriously, spend huge amount of time trying to stop him, change his mind or convince others, that he is not important (while he obviously is, otherwise would be ignored)
Xixil Makspocket's expert opinion about this:
He was not trolling, he was offended. This is a stupid state of mind, where the weak humanoids get, when someone says something that questions their ideas about themselves or issues important to them. A goblin, who can be offended by words are laughed upon as loser. Among humans it's unfortunately different.

An offensive statement is surely (at least partially) true. No one can be offended by nonsense, someone who try to offend others with such is simply funny, not offensive (typical forum troll).

An offensive statement reveals something true that the offended one does not want to acknowledge. Since the statement is true, it cannot be argued, the offended one don't even try to argue it, he wants to punish the offender, trying to force him to lie or at least be silent.

In this particular case Allison Robert claimed something obviously true: most DPS player are just awful. No one who had a PuG (and not awful himself) would doubt she is right. Strike that, not even Saiforune doubts it! He posted no information, not even opinion claiming that most players knows what they are doing.

I've searched armory and found only one lvl 70 Saiforune, a fire mage dressed in crafted and PvP items, without a single raid drop expect a not even exalted Kara ring and 1400 arena rating. I don't know if he is identical with our forum poster, but he is definately not a good player. He is not a new player either since he had time to farm exalted with Netherwing, Ogri'la, Shatari Skyguard, and gank poor goblins to be hated with the Steamwheedle Cartel (for your information, all the innocent Gatgetzan citizens have safely respawned).

He surely aware of the fact that he cannot get into raids, altrough his gear is enough to do T5 content. Strike that, he has no badge items either, assuming that he cannot even perform in HC instances. He must "want to play the game that they ALSO pay $15 a month for", and not happy, that Allison Robert "deem someone a "Bad" player because" of it. Since cannot disprove her, tries to silence her.

So Xixil Makspocket's expert opinion about offending:
  • Winners cannot be offended, since calling them "bad" is obviously not true, can easily be disproved. Their attitude towards the offender is "He is stupid!"
  • Beginners, who are strong cannot be offended, since they take criticism constructively, as an advice to be better. Their attitude towards the offender is "He is right, I have to fix this error of mine!"
  • Those who can be offended are neccessarily losers, since they have weak spots and not intended to change them, strike that, deny to even acknowledge them. Their attitude towards the offender is "Shut up, I don't want to hear the truth!"
  • Contrary to common belief, you don't have to care about offended people. Though they want to hurt you, since they are losers, they cannot. While their anger is honest, it's also meaningless and funny.
  • You should avoid people who are easy to offend. They are first class losers, who will never be better. They will cause you nothing but trouble!
  • Sensitivity is the "ability" to notice when you are about to offend someone. It's a useful skill if you want to be rich by governing/using/abusing losers, otherwise it's just trouble to yourself. A second spent hesitating if something is "appropriate" is a second wasted from your limited lifespan.

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krizzlybear said...

So in an ideal world, we would have nothing but beginners and winners. Sounds like a good outline for guild recruitment.