Greedy Goblin

Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 29

I invested a lot today. Bought 60 Expert Cookbooks, bid on 70+ lvl 41-50 armor to disenchant, and Thelnia's stock also increased greatly. The wool cloths returned from the common AH, I relisted them. Sold lot of mageweave cloth, steel bar.

Today I finally quested, made it to 36.5, mostly in Strangletorn. Will continue questing in Desolace.

The daily balance is 1815G, 138 auctions, 28 bids, 1680G at Thelnia.

I updated /gquit incorporating ideas from commenters and LarĂ­sa.


Gaming Diva said...

I finally made it to Gadget and Dustwallow Marsh yesterday. I'm still too low for Gadget (questwise) at level 37 but I did knock out several quests in Dustwallow.

All my fishing books have sold, and soon I'll be picking up cookbooks. I'm following the same pattern I did with my Ally toons, however, I do think I'll be richer a lot faster. My Horde toons are on a full population sever and my Alliance toons are on a low population server.

Gevlon said...

Yes: low pop means less competiton. That's why I've chosen a high population server, to make sure that it's not luck that make me rich!

Grats to your progress, keep up the good work!

Queklain said...

Until reading your posts, I had never even considered the expert cookbooks - or a bank alt. After watching goblin logic at work, I tried my hand at selling these, and it works ... surprisingly well, actually. Making a few gold off people's laziness never hurt anyone, right?

I also find that the expert fishing and first aid seem to work (especially the latter, as no one seems to know where it is Horde-side), as well as the two bandage books that the same vendor who sells expert first aid sells.

Thanks again, and keep it up - your posts are very useful and entertaining.