Greedy Goblin

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 10: Bad investments?

121G. Half of the amount of yesterday. What happened? At first my bronze did not sell. Happens, not a problem. The problem comes from the fact that I invested my money into enchanting materials. Mostly not by buying them, but by buying cheap armor and weapons and disenchanting them myself. I have 203 auctions out, mostly enchanting material. Will they sell? Of course they will. Will they sell before the weekend? Well that's a good question. If not, it means my money is locked down and I cannot do further business until my money becomes available again. Conclusion: until a business proved to be profitable in the long run, don't invest too much money into it.

In the meantime I made some questing, got the flight point in Redrige Mountains and almost levelled 21. Bought some iron ore to smelt and leveled my mining to slvl 138.

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