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If you are doing something that interests others, you'll get mails. Sometimes much more than you'd prefer. And sometimes you just don't want to spend your time with them. I don't.
I have a very effective and anti-social mail policy that will keep my mail handled and stress-free:
  • I check mail every day. Maybe more than once, but there won't be a day without mail check (except days when I have no access to internet).
  • I process every mail when I log in. The inbox folder must be empty when I log out.
  • It's not my obligation to carefully answer every mail came from blog readers or RL people. If I find the request interesting, I answer. If I don't, I simply move it to the "99% chance to never read again but maybe I change my mind" folder.
  • If the mail has leetspeak, primitive language, delete them.
  • If it begs for hand-holding (could u help me making gold on Eonar-EU-ally), I delete them
I know that I'll lose some readers because of that. But my own time is more important than reader count.

If you send a moron submission, please put "moron" into the title field.
By sending a letter to this blog's e-mail, you agree that your mail can be used as blog material.

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