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Friday, June 5, 2015

The May massacre of the Imperium of Evil

Like last month, I received the killboard loss data for all members of the Imperium of Evil (formerly CFC). As always, the killboard inflation is removed, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B kills and not 100B. 50491 API verified kills were processed and distributed among the alliances:
Alliance B ISK lost
Circle-Of-Two 369
Fidelas Constans 514
Get Off My Lawn 148
Goonswarm Federation 1291
RAZOR Alliance 139
RvB - BLUE Republic 78
RvB - RED Federation 79
SpaceMonkey's Alliance 407
Tactical Narcotics Team 159
The Initiative. 87
The Bastion 374
Small ones 99
Total CFC losses 3744

Never before I've seen such massacre of the minions of Evil. Their blood flew just like their tears about KVN-36. While their propagandists yell "stronger than ever", the Burn Amarr/Jita is still not announced (probably lack of funds), they are fleeing from regions, alliances closing and they can only fill their ranks from renters. Combine these with record-high losses and you see that the once powerful Imperium of Evil is weaker than ever since the splintering of HBC. This doesn't mean failcascade, as they did stand up after the HBC split, but clearly not a happy place to be. Maybe it's a good time to reconsider the peace terms.

Below you can see how many killers were on their kill reports, proving that solo and small gang are not dead:
Size category B ISK destroyed
Solo 642
2..3 637
4..5 490
6..10 522
11..30 557
31+ 896

Below you can see how many ships and ISK they lost in different ship value groups:
Size category Ships lost B ISK destroyed
-40M 35965 340
40M-125M 5720 413
125M-250M 2976 570
250M-400M 1488 459
400M-1500M+ 1037 703
1500M+ 259 1258

Finally, the zone distribution that shows that CFC mostly dies at home, usually while ratting:
Zone B ISK destroyed
Fountain 508
Deklein 466
Branch 272
Venal 253
Tribute 226
Vale of the Silent 215
Fade 214
HighThe Forge 176
Querious 148
Low_Placid 135
Syndicate 120
Low_Aridia 86
Pure Blind 77
Low_Lonetrek 73
HighThe Citadel 64
HighLonetrek 63
Geminate 61
Tenal 51
Low_The Citadel 51
Sum of small ones 484
Total 3744

Let's see the top killers and their 500M+ kills!
  1. Black Legion. with 413B ISK damage: 1299M, 648M, 565M, 2817M, 664M, 664M, 664M, 664M, 622M, 622M, 622M, 573M, 521M, 91B, 2280M, 103B, 4699M, 38B, 667M, 32B, 2838M, 2654M, 2818M, 22B, 3225M, 861M, 11B, 3103M, 2610M, 24B, 2541M, 2081M, 966M, 719M, 676M, 679M, 1215M, 1042M, 7603M, 1099M,
  2. Mordus Angels with 275B ISK damage: 1658M, 871M, 768M, 559M, 2437M, 935M, 878M, 785M, 617M, 2792M, 600M, 2871M, 789M, 786M, 1039M, 1032M, 501M, 962M, 695M, 746M, 836M, 806M, 944M, 939M, 1498M, 2453M, 553M, 1119M, 599M, 2287M, 2388M, 1211M, 728M, 763M, 1181M, 1588M, 1302M, 630M, 521M, 1046M, 847M, 2762M, 1372M, 1417M, 884M, 4521M, 1741M, 2146M, 1629M, 1004M, 1210M, 1487M, 4668M, 505M, 753M, 1777M, 682M, 535M, 906M, 516M, 2228M, 571M, 2089M, 801M, 1694M, 534M, 625M, 2134M, 552M, 981M, 1150M, 626M, 1521M, 631M, 547M, 1413M, 1704M, 1858M, 600M, 2275M, 727M,
  3. Out of Sight. with 174B ISK damage: 632M, 12B, 1137M, 1837M, 971M, 674M, 1571M, 1136M, 878M, 1004M, 882M, 1375M, 2253M, 572M, 734M, 1818M, 594M, 1521M, 625M, 605M, 698M, 1109M, 2470M, 2531M, 2314M, 2707M, 2546M, 2551M, 3060M, 1866M, 1677M, 843M, 886M, 573M, 1706M, 596M, 519M, 626M, 2870M, 1592M, 829M, 789M, 1122M, 698M, 1180M, 1008M, 1052M, 519M, 1123M, 852M, 1318M, 1172M, 806M,
  4. Pandemic Legion with 131B ISK damage: 7332M, 3252M, 834M, 1416M, 1313M, 671M, 691M, 1018M, 687M, 2228M, 1634M, 2096M, 1851M, 1780M, 1435M, 1495M, 1639M, 808M, 509M, 557M, 3005M, 576M, 513M, 1614M, 746M, 1038M, 1505M, 713M, 707M, 540M, 809M, 907M, 730M, 510M, 619M, 627M, 510M, 663M, 693M, 553M, 1664M, 1662M, 2134M, 1710M, 508M, 673M, 660M, 537M, 2143M, 2253M, 2035M, 2121M, 565M, 827M, 502M,
  5. Snuffed Out with 124B ISK damage: 518M, 719M, 2566M, 579M, 109B,
  6. Project.Mayhem. with 110B ISK damage: 513M, 574M, 887M, 694M, 1818M, 547M, 1598M, 598M, 520M, 638M, 815M, 656M, 2110M, 1530M, 1961M, 1168M, 1692M, 1864M, 2217M, 1787M, 908M, 3555M, 610M, 714M, 2970M, 594M, 2020M, 2648M, 611M, 1844M, 632M, 2325M, 517M, 1193M, 606M, 2657M, 1123M,
  7. The Marmite Collective with 88B ISK damage: 1905M, 10B, 732M, 787M, 4333M, 715M, 533M, 562M, 6709M, 590M, 1156M, 9793M, 1043M, 1024M, 10B, 904M, 884M, 1621M, 1653M, 4337M, 647M, 542M, 1070M, 523M, 2229M, 3512M, 545M,
  8. DARKNESS. with 83B ISK damage: 972M, 628M, 611M, 573M, 2718M, 2617M, 2558M, 505M, 873M, 621M, 3247M,
  9. Test Alliance Please Ignore with 82B ISK damage: 549M, 1133M, 781M, 733M, 683M, 556M, 692M, 1741M, 540M, 941M, 930M, 550M, 847M, 993M, 508M, 1153M, 629M, 536M, 586M, 812M, 727M, 543M, 960M, 1312M, 533M, 1462M, 517M, 959M, 815M, 751M, 798M, 1433M, 710M,
  10. LowSechnaya Sholupen with 72B ISK damage: 6346M, 2095M, 590M, 729M, 2156M, 22B, 2010M, 924M, 1698M, 1364M, 21B,
  11. Goonswarm Federation with 68B ISK damage: 896M, 1582M, 1402M, 1843M, 1331M, 1206M, 702M, 603M, 1576M, 1527M, 557M, 802M, 1151M, 691M, 641M, 607M, 1216M, 1136M, 1157M,
  12. Verge of Collapse with 57B ISK damage: 1489M, 1351M, 647M, 1103M, 878M, 746M, 736M, 592M, 916M, 538M, 1290M, 587M, 657M, 841M, 628M, 1376M, 675M, 571M,
  13. Hard Knocks Citizens with 56B ISK damage: 712M, 598M, 538M, 1732M, 1473M, 835M, 1419M, 2282M, 632M, 1490M, 1040M, 2019M, 577M, 562M, 2285M, 792M, 593M, 868M, 654M, 975M, 519M, 633M,
  14. Legion of xXDEATHXx with 50B ISK damage: 743M, 506M, 520M, 2395M, 1892M, 579M, 806M, 939M, 949M, 544M, 542M, 1040M, 764M, 721M, 970M, 781M, 742M, 1042M,
  15. Northern Coalition. with 49B ISK damage: 1161M, 573M, 1643M, 1610M, 1396M, 21B, 2471M, 634M,
  16. GaNg BaNg TeAm with 46B ISK damage: 11B, 13B, 4716M, 2542M, 2505M, 3140M, 2132M, 3625M,
  17. RvB - BLUE Republic with 42B ISK damage: 889M, 906M, 619M, 652M, 603M,
  18. Jita Holding Inc. with 42B ISK damage: 1521M, 2830M, 902M, 588M, 1151M, 675M, 753M, 687M, 908M, 1820M, 642M, 502M, 1550M, 722M, 518M, 507M, 593M, 722M, 1133M, 635M, 656M, 636M,
  19. SOLAR FLEET with 39B ISK damage: 620M, 1663M, 2175M, 1101M, 1264M, 809M, 1129M, 764M, 534M, 944M, 764M, 1073M, 2867M, 710M, 568M, 698M, 902M,
  20. #Corp: Raging Ducks with 38B ISK damage: 562M, 1170M, 701M, 804M, 843M, 1113M, 513M, 699M, 673M,
  21. Bora Alis with 36B ISK damage: 711M, 2149M, 998M, 1104M, 584M, 555M, 500M, 596M, 800M, 795M, 637M, 735M,
  22. Drama Sutra with 36B ISK damage: 1284M, 1274M, 935M, 1477M, 534M, 1446M, 533M, 3075M, 2206M, 2033M, 669M, 535M, 531M, 1754M, 1040M, 689M,
  23. RvB - RED Federation with 36B ISK damage: 600M, 763M,
  24. Enigma Project with 32B ISK damage: 2224M, 956M, 1648M, 1669M, 1023M, 1079M, 521M, 1201M, 2250M, 742M, 1078M, 1091M,
  25. #Corp: The Versa-Ex Corp with 25B ISK damage: 691M, 512M, 587M, 684M, 662M, 659M, 1524M, 766M, 551M,
  26. Death Enforcement Agency with 24B ISK damage: 1818M, 577M, 502M, 753M, 594M, 1026M, 908M, 887M, 8226M, 503M, 784M, 1037M,
  27. The Afterlife. with 24B ISK damage: 1926M, 611M, 715M, 1475M, 1421M, 738M, 653M, 1435M,
  28. C0VEN with 24B ISK damage: 1472M, 985M, 738M, 802M, 2776M, 557M, 610M, 550M,
  29. Honorable Third Party with 24B ISK damage: 1118M, 4699M, 1393M, 1097M, 6765M, 624M, 1044M, 1562M, 1032M, 554M, 641M, 1337M,
  30. #Corp: Vigilant Tyrannos with 24B ISK damage: 836M, 953M, 972M, 737M, 1019M, 737M, 1469M, 554M, 566M, 2023M, 902M, 592M, 2366M, 1418M,
  31. #Corp: Lazerhawks with 22B ISK damage: 627M, 2775M, 1221M, 2033M, 526M, 2745M, 553M, 1105M, 1740M, 587M,
  32. Sorry We're In Your Space Eh with 21B ISK damage: 825M, 6732M, 6226M, 1286M, 668M, 962M, 686M,


Anonymous said...

The Mittani said...

strange. the list missed your beloved Raging Ducks.

Anonymous said...

Goons lost more isk leaving Fountain than conquering it.

Anonymous said...

"Burn Amarr/Jita is still not announced (probably lack of funds)"


Unknown said...

Ahahahaha, really, gewns are coming to an end? That would surprise me. They can still rat hugely unmolested although you might want to spin it your way. As there is no longer a constan need for some alts, they get either biomasses or hibernated, which should be obvious for someone with insights to EVE mechanics.
Ganking a few ratters or miners has not does not and will not hurt any 0.0 powerblock, be it gewns, bastion empire or whatever they are called at the moment.
It wouldn't hurt if you cred to take a look at the other so called power blocks. Where do they stand? What was discussed when fozziesov was announced last fall?
That renter empires would cease to exist... check!
that Coalitions would condensate to smaller parts of space , reducing the number of systems (sov) owned by a single alliance.... check!
Overall travel by jump bridge or titan would reduce significantly... check!
Why no huge ganking campaign this year? FATIGUE.... Can'T you see that? It is not due to amateurs like MoA whoneed external funding to keep them logged in to go after gewns...
You start having a serious credibility issue...

Arrendis said...

Yup. Totally cancelled. Not a troll. Not even a little.

See you in Amarr. ;)

Anonymous said...

The new name Imperium couldn't be more appropriate. A bloated and dull empire, a corrupt patrician class filling their own pockets, keeping the plebs in line with bread (SRP, anoms) and circuses (kill our own supers for lulz), barbarian raids on the provinces. The only thing left is the the Mittani to appoint his horse to the leadership council.