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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August report on the losses of the Evil

Using the August CFC+Battlement loss data, here is the report of the last month of CFC losses, similar to July. As always, the kills are de-whored, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B damage booked and not 100B. 59733 API-verified losses were processed, let's see their ISK distribution among alliances:
0 - Aegis Requiem
1 - Blohm and Voss Shipyards Alliance
199 - Circle-Of-Two
30 - Executive Outcomes
124 - Fatal Ascension
264 - Fidelas Constans
29 - Forged of Fire
1 - Gentlemen's Agreement
91 - Get Off My Lawn
763 - Goonswarm Federation
217 - Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere
45 - I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth
48 - Initiative Associates
29 - Initiative Mercenaries
222 - RAZOR Alliance
143 - RvB - BLUE Republic
145 - RvB - RED Federation
187 - SpaceMonkey's Alliance
160 - Tactical Narcotics Team
117 - The Initiative.
202 - The Bastion
The minions of evil didn't want that 3155 billion ISK anyway.

Let's see who brought this massacre on them:

Remember how Goon propagandists laughed on the creation of "Powerpoint coalition"? 416B ISK later and after Battlement gaining #1 position among the killers of Evil, they are much less loud. Tomorrow I'll post a detailed report on Battlement Coalition who don't want land or riches, their only goal is to fight Evil in nullsec. For now, feast on their 500M+ contibution kills:
671M, 722M, 534M, 602M, 1441M, 534M, 1139M, 1195M, 614M, 921M, 1321M, 1337M, 3215M, 1801M, 1351M, 2271M, 3101M, 609M, 1099M, 2596M, 3367M, 2241M, 872M, 562M, 667M, 586M, 2371M, 2757M, 697M, 661M, 747M, 796M, 1452M, 1702M, 615M, 594M, 700M, 742M, 793M, 1921M, 525M, 742M, 865M, 2996M, 1788M, 1562M, 1803M, 1285M, 2291M, 1756M, 516M, 596M, 2079M, 750M, 1435M, 638M, 592M, 1311M, 667M, 4361M, 1374M, 1093M, 645M, 2469M, 3224M, 3142M, 690M, 880M, 522M, 2091M, 1099M, 2130M, 518M, 26849M, 708M, 958M, 556M, 906M, 1035M, 1268M, 1390M, 520M, 518M, 1044M

I've supported Mordus Angels, the largest member of the coalition with 3B/week and their donation board is almost complete, so soon you can also support the crusade against those who promised to destroy our game. I'm also funding all the highsec wars of The Marmite Collective against the idiots who come to highsec with the mark of Evil on their ships. This costs 6.9B/week nowadays and for this 30.5B ISK I got 185B kills, pretty good return on investment. Feast on their 500M+ kills:
6091M, 6274M, 1332M, 2320M, 1548M, 6109M, 586M, 7789M, 854M, 587M, 1010M, 590M, 7360M, 570M, 548M, 7447M, 2646M, 800M, 1411M, 713M, 1995M, 1070M, 8442M, 6212M, 7566M, 3446M, 800M, 1157M, 1533M, 554M, 520M, 520M, 504M, 544M, 1594M, 736M, 692M, 567M, 3329M, 873M, 653M, 1041M, 560M, 583M, 693M, 6173M, 650M, 617M, 982M, 1675M, 1214M, 6093M, 8491M, 520M, 1042M, 635M, 1076M, 2010M.

Let's not ignore the biggest killers from other coalitions though:
94 - Nulli Secunda
74 - Legion of xXDEATHXx
68 - Northern Coalition.
54 - Brave Collective
34 - Brothers of Tangra
30 - Gentlemen's.Club
28 - Infinity Space.
27 - The Kadeshi
23 - Northern Associates.
21 - Pandemic Legion
20 - Test Alliance Please Ignore
14 - Black Pearl Alliance
14 - Hard Alliance
13 - The Unthinkables
10 - Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Here you can see the 500M+ kills of PL Block: 804M, 732M, 641M, 1949M, 659M, 1252M, 3633M, 526M, 1389M, 727M, 720M, 632M, 1732M, 5325M, 1361M, 1874M, 753M, 1268M, 928M, 2654M, 2682M.
Here are the N3 500M+ kills: 1887M, 715M, 1396M, 662M, 579M, 601M, 545M, 695M, 506M, 1977M, 755M, 857M, 647M, 1398M, 1020M, 740M, 729M, 543M, 535M, 570M, 677M, 2658M, 643M, 686M, 1621M, 878M, 1510M, 749M, 648M, 773M, 524M, 1977M, 698M, 1985M, 627M, 929M, 740M, 663M, 894M, 1210M, 603M, 4128M, 602M, 1508M, 1149M, 2595M, 584M, 533M, 1143M, 1660M, 551M, 542M, 991M, 577M, 566M, 3217M, 682M, 704M, 736M, 990M, 953M, 552M, 1681M, 946M, 557M, 1095M, 917M.
Proviblock 500M+ kills: 702M, 547M, 2382M, 517M, 1438M.
HERO 500M+ kills: 963M, 1119M, 594M, 732M, 653M, 672M, 672M, 668M, 672M, 718M, 672M, 651M, 670M, 675M, 670M.
Legion of xxDeath 500M+ kills: 2954M, 723M, 672M, 2704M, 2523M, 2284M, 599M, 797M, 615M, 1669M, 762M, 761M, 1640M, 1501M, 513M, 597M, 1810M, 599M, 931M, 1736M, 2378M, 547M, 506M, 568M, 933M, 3103M, 896M, 703M, 641M, 704M, 1097M, 1165M, 584M, 662M, 647M, 1536M, 525M, 509M, 555M, 1464M, 992M.

Let's not forget the noble tradition of awoxing among the minions of Evil: 627M, 2169M, 1382M, 1557M, 658M, 1881M, 2778M, 1629M, 1818M, 1053M, 563M, 3570M, 1577M, 584M, 509M, 629M, 1231M, 536M, 682M, 1411M, 1110M, 1098M, 893M, 664M, 2682M, 517M, 1283M, 1839M.

Finally, let's see what everyone else did to the CFC on the 500M+ front and who were the best performers:
136 - #Corp Snuff Box
118 - Black Legion.
104 - Pasta Syndicate
90 - Ev0ke
41 - #Corp Hard Knocks Inc.
37 - #Corp Lazerhawks
32 - No Value
30 - Sorry We're In Your Space Eh
30 - The Gorgon Empire
28 - Advent of Fate
25 - The Exiled Gaming
21 - No Holes Barred
18 - The Camel Empire
18 - THE R0NIN
18 - GaNg BaNg TeAm
17 - #Corp SnaiLs aNd FroGs
17 - #Corp Pew pevv
17 - LowSechnaya Sholupen
13 - senseless intentions
13 - Ivy League
12 - Sleeper Social Club
11 - #Corp AdAstra.
11 - Dangerous Voltage
11 - V.e.G.A.
10 - Out of Sight.
825M, 543M, 719M, 723M, 559M, 715M, 1003M, 7941M, 6308M, 645M, 606M, 844M, 1344M, 560M, 864M, 632M, 673M, 1656M, 1468M, 762M, 574M, 1944M, 1445M, 1175M, 2256M, 559M, 556M, 1312M, 725M, 3800M, 956M, 866M, 978M, 548M, 751M, 533M, 673M, 580M, 1762M, 1737M, 1900M, 1345M, 845M, 582M, 897M, 1052M, 5141M, 938M, 709M, 1856M, 711M, 814M, 532M, 913M, 510M, 509M, 561M, 605M, 2418M, 2964M, 582M, 602M, 1096M, 1262M, 876M, 502M, 710M, 639M, 518M, 900M, 726M, 1678M, 636M, 1265M, 1919M, 3910M, 654M, 799M, 536M, 702M, 803M, 1438M, 690M, 606M, 1044M, 1238M, 711M, 1782M, 798M, 885M, 696M, 733M, 787M, 562M, 925M, 889M, 573M, 696M, 2259M, 1033M, 690M, 2548M, 836M, 2823M, 1694M, 627M, 2191M, 813M, 767M, 3335M, 855M, 802M, 580M, 535M, 615M, 551M, 1005M, 955M, 2207M, 534M, 762M, 519M, 2141M, 902M, 3735M, 1479M, 990M, 7956M, 660M, 735M, 4165M, 1213M, 3859M, 4210M, 552M, 756M, 3878M, 981M, 663M, 717M, 511M, 626M, 563M, 530M, 567M, 504M, 535M, 688M, 561M, 627M, 3007M, 922M, 1963M, 782M, 891M, 567M, 521M, 1043M, 1086M, 981M, 616M, 697M, 723M, 984M, 135333M, 1027M, 526M, 1276M, 1302M, 2232M, 647M, 530M, 584M, 584M, 900M, 3357M, 1717M, 641M, 521M, 710M, 518M, 641M, 552M, 588M, 604M, 1211M, 755M, 1751M, 597M, 554M, 2115M, 577M, 839M, 581M, 1500M, 621M, 996M, 686M, 538M, 1095M, 519M, 1405M, 802M, 604M, 610M, 2378M, 588M, 1055M, 1226M, 715M, 604M, 838M, 786M, 777M, 555M, 621M, 882M, 750M, 2042M, 552M, 569M, 1157M, 974M, 795M, 1157M, 788M, 807M, 3276M, 942M, 551M, 695M, 953M, 1325M, 7654M, 648M, 684M, 522M, 736M, 601M, 774M, 765M, 554M, 886M, 3625M, 2548M, 2231M, 2550M, 509M, 832M, 873M, 539M, 552M, 1361M, 588M, 504M, 545M, 505M, 505M, 505M, 566M, 1884M, 2188M, 686M, 997M, 890M, 629M, 962M, 948M, 1070M, 1118M, 657M, 659M, 566M, 1512M, 940M, 1160M, 804M, 1615M, 3200M, 1511M, 538M, 3267M, 509M, 1257M, 763M, 2164M, 878M, 3357M, 546M, 1055M, 2042M, 1029M, 575M, 502M, 850M, 639M, 873M, 1195M, 950M, 2351M, 534M, 697M, 549M, 1865M, 520M, 524M, 523M, 796M, 550M, 1182M, 563M, 553M, 4016M, 750M, 1159M, 1146M, 847M, 1407M, 520M, 585M, 693M, 948M, 752M, 843M, 3665M, 601M, 560M, 939M, 959M, 1942M, 956M, 1005M, 1209M, 4192M, 4195M, 4265M, 527M, 1962M, 1314M, 898M, 1142M, 1662M, 915M, 616M, 1632M, 1196M, 1843M, 2184M, 1163M, 734M, 1857M, 517M, 3881M, 1011M, 1472M, 590M, 514M, 919M, 731M, 1802M, 1776M, 719M, 774M, 986M, 738M, 2754M, 618M, 2246M, 710M, 619M, 578M, 1334M, 583M, 1050M, 525M, 1065M, 715M, 3083M, 2420M, 599M, 1865M, 765M, 712M, 1036M, 2839M, 3162M, 2913M, 2939M, 2979M, 2902M, 3073M, 2694M, 2058M, 2061M, 1674M, 510M, 2598M, 2337M, 562M, 2818M.

Let's see the killer fleet sizes and lost ship costs. Both pies are ISK value, the numbers in the second pie tell how many individual kill happened in that ship size range. We can see that most CFC losses happened in small gang and you don't need a large group of "friends" to be relevant, like the Goon propaganda says:

Let's see where the Evil ones died:
As you can see they don't really leave their own space, most of their losses are home defense fleets and their farmers ganked. Within the CFC space, the Goon home region, Deklein was the greatest graveyard of CFC members, which is probably not unrelated to their busy ratting.

Here is the loss timeline and the time distribution. It's hard to tell if the CFC themselves are a weekend-EUTZ group or their killers are, but these are the facts:

Finally, 9112 CFC members had losses in August. Behold the hall of shame: L3gs (135B), Genzo Osora (27B), Citriz (9B), Feric Korman, Stonecutter Hardy, Mysterious Martyr, tevoyajoder, bamaelite Amatin, Eve Tan, h220, Cait Macleiry, Judith Levi (8B), Astrosemite, Amarrra, Kai Zamayid, Butich, Raifaisen, SERG BAGAUT1, Swistak Orbis (7B), Mirph, Milla Castor, Matari Rogue, Jizz'el, Zypher Shaw, Cosmo Blink, Drekarg, rahkahn, Zhyga, Mak Lesser, Spacedust, Esajah Ajahsiree, Molly Mormon (6B), BaraBa4chKA, ALIEN GTR, Fenrir Hammer, mattyZA, Turgid Member, Tenma Tenshu, Caldess, hyperlife, 11122111, Centle, Master Broski, zecklen Anneto (5B), Lovchi, TECHN0, sticky Okel, ike heka, macgyver 3rd, Tarbitha Stylin, MoRRaK Galaxy, Garret Sunkiller, Teasy Kane, Zultas, sparta1990, Commandor 042, grommor, ARH ANGELks, Bohnsen, Bastion Arzi, Rykoszet, B4LT4Z4R BL4KE, Paou Compli, Aurora Juno, Mission Domino, Matoz, Master Torin, Telemachus Rheade, Amber Winters, X'or'X, Little Miss ChatterBox, Tresque, Ogeko Ronuken (4B), dominatorUA, Alterari Phoenix, Nadraas, gh0stryd3r, Rex Mauser, Zanzul, DETURK, Krestianin, Rakstjart, Kynes Ayat, Witcher Stilgar, CeReaLKiLLeRz BORG, kinkiwinki, Ingrida Kazlauskaite, Soprian, Scorpio Hollanda Darknesss, Cbpress, Maricella, Mylier, Kierowca Tankowca, Kalynna Dessandris, Crash Course, Silent Knight Kado, Sir Yohnny, niput, Armageddon ninja (3B).

Remember that tomorrow comes the report on the Battlement Coalition!


CFC Grunt said...

Oh I can't wait for your report on the Powerpoint Coalition.

They were supposed to go after our sov, moons and income. They arrived with unbelievably bad smacktalk in local to accompany them. They hit a few POSes with bombers and set up their own staging towers.

Among their claims was that they have come here to bring back the old small-gang fight style, a claim backed up by them cloaking and running away with bombers when we chased after them in interceptors.

Few weeks passed since I've last seen Battlement members trying to attack us. Since their defeats in Cloud Ring, two major member alliances - Negative Waves and The Scourge. have failcascaded. The rest is rumoured to be going to Stain. Except for MoA/Tri. which are staying up north - so I'd say you're looking at the coalition being effectively disbanded.

From the defendant's point of view, we very much liked being "massacred". Being slaughtered by PowerpointCo. mostly boiled down to either chasing them off from our POSes or having a few fun fights. Fights, which, by the looks of our sov and moons, we won. Morale actually went up - we felt like it's food delivered to our beds - didn't need to deploy half the space away to have fights. What's even better, those fights were the kind we like most - medium gangs, not big blobs.

(We also stole at least one POS from them. Yes, it was funny.)

Also, wow, you post the kills for one of our FCs being asleep while ratting in a cheap Ishtar (and getting blapped by our eternal enemy, Ev0ke) but never actually even mentioned a little incident that involved Marmite (or was it Freight Club?) and a freighter. In fact - more than one freighters...

Anonymous said...

So how exactly is the above kill counted in your metrics? The kill occured when as small Goonswarm Harpy fleet engaged the weekly RvB Ganked roam.

Granted, it's not a high cost kill, but the parties involved range from NPC corp members to a Red Fed member barely eeking on the damage.

Now, you look at the lossmail data, not kill. Still, do you divide this kill based on corp with the majority falling into the "everyone else" and the lone red fed damage going to awoxing or still part of everyone else?

Just trying to understand the method you use when dividing the metrics up into the various groups.

Gevlon said...

It would contribute like 42M "everyone else" and 2M "awoxing"