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Friday, July 4, 2014

June GRR report and overall CFC losses

After realizing that the crucial data for defeating the Evil in New Eden is the CFC loss data, I changed the monthly reports of GRR kills to CFC losses. I got the June data from Hanura H'arasch. As always, the kills are de-whored, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B damage and not 100. This is unfair for logies, tackle and ECM, but this is irrelevant because I check for alliances here, and it's very unlikely that alliance A will repeatedly do support work for alliance B. We can rightfully assume that the support ships are in the same alliances as the DPS ships. At first, let's have a look on the list of CFC losses:
1 - Aegis Requiem
1 - Blohm and Voss Shipyards Alliance
276 - Circle-Of-Two
31 - Executive Outcomes
165 - Fatal Ascension
416 - Fidelas Constans
24 - Forged of Fire
5 - Gentlemen's Agreement
116 - Get Off My Lawn
558 - Goonswarm Federation
306 - Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere
54 - I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth
50 - Initiative Associates
17 - Initiative Mercenaries
200 - RAZOR Alliance
101 - RvB - BLUE Republic
120 - RvB - RED Federation
176 - SpaceMonkey's Alliance
126 - Tactical Narcotics Team
81 - The Initiative.
183 - The Bastion
They didn't want that 3.16T ISK anyway

Let's see how was it distributed among different attacker types:
If we ignore NPC losses and RvB internal war, then 2% of the damage came from awox, 25% from other coalitions and 73% from "pirates", "NPC dwellers" and roaming wormholers (Grr included). We found the same thing in May: the "enemy coalitions" are not the real enemies of CFC and if one wants to fight the minions of the evil Goons, he should do it from NPC space. But let's not ignore these coalitions, let's see the alliances with 10B+ CFC kills and the kill reports with 500M+ of their contribution:
150 - Legion of xXDEATHXx
80 - Northern Coalition.
58 - Pandemic Legion
45 - Brave Collective
39 - Fraternity.
38 - Test Alliance Please Ignore
37 - Infinity Space.
31 - The Kadeshi
27 - Nulli Secunda
22 - Hard Alliance
19 - Synergy of Steel
18 - Flame Bridge
17 - Babylon 5..
16 - Northern Associates.
15 - The Unthinkables
14 - Brothers of Tangra
12 - Of Sound Mind
11 - The Explicit Alliance
801M, 627M, 647M, 993M, 616M, 769M, 643M, 1929M, 571M, 578M, 1173M, 769M, 1170M, 621M, 2031M, 1930M, 1199M, 560M, 704M, 705M, 903M, 740M, 723M, 860M, 794M, 578M, 718M, 720M, 2022M, 1963M, 703M, 892M, 3100M, 707M, 890M, 679M, 912M, 2368M, 874M, 577M, 1633M, 849M, 1706M, 1120M, 669M, 1416M, 1864M, 709M, 610M, 731M, 1536M, 739M, 696M, 1917M, 1041M, 516M, 1780M, 719M, 595M, 2583M, 2832M, 774M, 1256M, 1493M, 638M, 577M, 866M, 706M, 1866M, 1926M, 954M, 645M, 672M, 674M, 2724M, 1127M, 2200M, 908M, 1022M, 630M, 598M, 591M, 565M, 1129M, 516M, 2331M, 3243M, 756M, 637M, 606M, 641M, 2842M, 673M, 509M, 784M, 569M, 2310M, 2597M, 535M, 916M, 645M, 532M, 1200M, 668M, 570M, 3657M, 1207M, 953M, 1129M, 688M, 706M, 884M, 533M, 706M, 968M, 1801M, 658M, 1149M, 626M, 776M, 909M, 736M, 1132M, 1438M, 1229M, 1159M, 2187M, 944M, 3307M, 801M, 625M, 613M, 586M, 794M, 511M, 1060M, 574M, 957M, 716M, 924M, 694M, 522M, 3801M, 542M, 573M,

Let's continue with the GRR project, the PvP-ers who get my financial support to massacre the evil and its minions: Darwins Lemmings did 20B in their last month, The Marmite Collective killed 273B, proving that poor Lemmings were not cost effective: it costs 30B a month to upkeep all the wars for Marmite, so for every billion I spend, 9B evil is cleansed from New Eden. Back when I paid for a smaller set of wars for both alliances, I got around 6B from Marmite and 5B from Lemmings for 1B payment. Mordus Angels get 13B/month blanket support for their good work. This month they killed 109B worth of CFC. Here are the totally irrelevant kills with 500M+ GRR contribution: 5929M, 6099M, 543M, 1030M, 650M, 774M, 7556M, 1228M, 6278M, 7151M, 1021M, 843M, 4045M, 812M, 610M, 2599M, 2974M, 1449M, 2515M, 1498M, 1132M, 535M, 513M, 513M, 1526M, 13791M, 545M, 1649M, 1153M, 6170M, 1417M, 1811M, 565M, 552M, 508M, 875M, 1562M, 1330M, 1017M, 928M, 838M, 552M, 500M, 846M, 611M, 9418M, 7887M, 6057M, 823M, 1335M, 819M, 1002M, 557M, 751M, 3237M, 749M, 1557M, 577M, 993M, 2959M, 7134M, 1048M, 709M, 522M, 2097M, 609M, 667M, 1427M, 1861M, 7238M, 11654M, 6495M, 1790M, 681M, 504M, 599M, 1252M, 1194M, 1015M, 6230M, 568M, 1192M, 8455M, 1032M, 7356M, 7039M, 609M, 627M, 7745M, 2469M, 6626M, 818M, 740M, 581M, 538M, 752M, 1944M, 1005M, 2444M

Awoxing is still a great tradition within CFC, with the renters and GSF being on top of the list. Here are the the kills with 500M+ awox and RvB internal war contribution: 1681M, 2005M, 1245M, 1228M, 893M, 1586M, 751M, 1962M, 1928M, 562M, 1391M, 3505M, 1186M, 895M, 644M, 617M, 925M, 1070M, 1133M, 770M, 1201M, 581M, 1428M, 506M

Finally the sovless ones. 517B was killed by pilots not even in alliances and 448B by small alliances. Here are the big ones (without Grr participants):
144 - Pasta Syndicate
92 - Black Legion.
73 - Sorry We're In Your Space Eh
49 - Triumvirate.
40 - No Value
37 - The Camel Empire
36 - GaNg BaNg TeAm
29 - Bora Alis
26 - The Afterlife.
26 - LowSechnaya Sholupen
22 - Mortuus.
21 - Dangerous Voltage
18 - The Exiled Gaming
18 - No Holes Barred
18 - pwn-O-graphy
16 - Die Konkurrenz
16 - YARRR and CO
13 - Clockwork Pineapple
13 - The G0dfathers
13 - Space Warriors
13 - Choke Point
13 - Ineluctable.
12 - C0VEN
11 - The Gorgon Empire
10 - Ev0ke
Feast your eyes on the kills with 500M+ of their contribution: 1491M, 689M, 1083M, 1035M, 692M, 512M, 578M, 570M, 2419M, 519M, 630M, 599M, 690M, 513M, 562M, 697M, 771M, 752M, 951M, 916M, 547M, 831M, 1152M, 1069M, 992M, 1052M, 1343M, 651M, 1118M, 908M, 756M, 795M, 697M, 501M, 852M, 1109M, 964M, 655M, 639M, 1101M, 827M, 995M, 1543M, 1622M, 500M, 1982M, 538M, 1273M, 2741M, 2089M, 1156M, 575M, 683M, 3603M, 684M, 1851M, 805M, 1701M, 956M, 784M, 1326M, 1850M, 1406M, 535M, 1093M, 684M, 854M, 807M, 889M, 1517M, 1175M, 1462M, 543M, 557M, 847M, 2935M, 987M, 703M, 504M, 1031M, 2226M, 597M, 961M, 801M, 752M, 733M, 631M, 2712M, 1835M, 646M, 570M, 713M, 786M, 770M, 550M, 592M, 744M, 762M, 651M, 1733M, 505M, 513M, 683M, 691M, 1250M, 675M, 1155M, 1637M, 658M, 1234M, 559M, 750M, 1209M, 885M, 837M, 1006M, 873M, 944M, 501M, 2050M, 590M, 524M, 3978M, 505M, 571M, 768M, 635M, 599M, 553M, 1656M, 1029M, 690M, 805M, 2168M, 680M, 1325M, 1575M, 966M, 627M, 684M, 937M, 878M, 1702M, 531M, 978M, 503M, 6311M, 912M, 1439M, 555M, 759M, 1193M, 731M, 3687M, 2580M, 932M, 1115M, 2037M, 695M, 1539M, 2801M, 1958M, 558M, 562M, 544M, 1693M, 1220M, 780M, 546M, 2306M, 565M, 505M, 697M, 988M, 514M, 544M, 575M, 2938M, 553M, 1172M, 1086M, 651M, 512M, 935M, 544M, 878M, 2222M, 1611M, 770M, 743M, 2349M, 685M, 2865M, 777M, 614M, 548M, 1117M, 2135M, 2097M, 2016M, 911M, 634M, 2690M, 818M, 668M, 1144M, 2203M, 1603M, 597M, 587M, 649M, 591M, 879M, 614M, 626M, 2966M, 3056M, 579M, 867M, 555M, 2522M, 3055M, 748M, 672M, 1556M, 1068M, 1851M, 753M, 1092M, 802M, 707M, 572M, 2140M, 2117M, 2288M, 592M, 592M, 2416M, 1685M, 2124M, 1419M, 2248M, 1835M, 1620M, 535M, 851M, 589M, 546M, 519M, 1888M, 2564M, 553M, 713M, 901M, 638M, 2351M, 1086M, 1249M, 1278M, 772M, 1212M, 1737M, 628M, 1179M, 1302M, 818M, 559M, 1895M, 2117M, 867M, 3054M, 535M, 769M, 1893M, 657M, 857M, 782M, 647M, 1039M, 1583M, 2159M, 3627M, 991M, 1542M, 515M, 3651M, 767M, 1057M, 518M, 649M, 1483M, 643M, 2031M, 1617M, 864M, 1339M, 628M, 1110M, 570M, 1256M, 535M, 548M, 525M, 511M, 1961M, 564M, 529M, 546M, 2783M, 1032M, 600M, 534M, 534M, 534M, 702M, 767M, 603M, 2110M, 3150M, 2578M, 2220M, 2554M, 2587M, 2798M, 3138M, 2601M, 540M, 2569M, 1060M, 617M, 622M, 700M, 2983M, 599M, 723M, 529M, 1341M, 885M, 1304M, 799M, 583M, 664M, 1096M, 627M, 4030M, 1668M, 1320M, 898M, 579M, 750M, 1263M, 5750M, 2487M, 1710M, 1323M, 578M, 577M, 1025M, 922M, 1305M, 742M, 731M, 776M, 1297M, 549M, 1267M, 1030M, 3439M, 637M, 562M, 1387M, 836M, 2567M, 1098M, 1150M, 2248M, 1723M, 914M, 1557M, 1867M, 1324M, 848M, 668M, 894M, 1191M, 637M, 855M, 684M, 689M, 698M, 811M, 684M, 799M, 716M, 1025M, 537M, 830M, 517M, 954M, 1029M, 540M, 2207M, 754M, 1067M, 503M, 1227M, 1282M, 925M, 1027M, 695M, 779M, 503M, 540M, 1886M, 514M, 729M, 747M, 1752M, 647M, 913M, 559M, 663M, 795M, 584M, 1632M, 740M, 613M, 697M, 548M, 574M, 543M, 541M, 1034M, 775M, 832M, 680M, 934M.

Finally two statistics, killer fleet sizes and victim sizes. Both pies are ISK value, the numbers in the second pie tell how many individual kill happened in that ship size range. We can see that small gang is still dead and you must meta-game and organize a large group of friends to be relevant, just as the Goon propaganda says. Totally:

The list of deadliest solar systems for CFC, in order of losses: M-OEE8 (104B), Jita (67B), Josameto (63B), K-6K16 (62B), L-TOFR (61B), Isikano, UQ9-3C, D-3GIQ, Otela, PR-8CA, V-3YG7, Amarr (33B), Poinen, LS-JEP, FD-MLJ, Prism, NOL-M9, Liekuri, QY6-RK, EC-P8R, 5ZXX-K, L5D-ZL, Korama, Oimmo (19B), HM-XR2, HJO-84, 9-GBPD, JU-OWQ, FAT-6P, 319-3D, VFK-IV, 9-KWXC, Nonni, BWF-ZZ, Tama, Reisen, G9D-XW, 1-SMEB, 6-O5GY, 4-ABS8, 33FN-P, 3-FKCZ, P3EN-E, IPAY-2, Nomaa, Madirmilire, K5-JRD, PF-346, New Caldari, I30-3A, RG9-7U (10B).

Finally the loss timeline (no trend or spikes) and the time distribution. It's hard to tell if the CFC themselves are a weekend-EUTZ group or their killers are, but these are the facts:


Anonymous said...

nice numbers.
but how you wanna track that it makes any difference? how were the numbers before your project? Marimite did similar damage. pirates did similar damage.

All coalitions face same issues.
also some of the losses are covered by srp.

till now, you just describe the situation a null-sec bloc is facing. not just cfc.
you must show, how are you affecting in a negative way the cfc. whats the difference to the other blocks.

as you are supporting f.e. marmite, you are also attacking those blocks. they can more easily keep up the wars against N3 and their renting alliances.

Anonymous said...

You might want to check Mordus losses too. They are up over 140b in losses compared to their pre-goon times before November last year.

Gevlon said...

This is why they need some financial support.

Anonymous said...

How is Mordus doing compared to Lemmings and Marmite Collective ?

Bene said...

The awoxing losses seem to not be awoxes, most of them are groups of smartbombing battleships. What you see in damage is not an awox, but a fleet setup.
You can see it very well on the first two Nestors: Full kinetic-smartbomb highs, deadspace kinetic-hardener, rep, shitton of cap recharge to run all of this in total afk mode. So unless you count Lazerhawks among the CFC, this is no awox, even if the other bs got highest dmg.
Same goes for the next set of multiple bs.

Anonymous said...

This is why they need some financial support.
Yeah, but if their monthly losses are up 140b from pre-war, your 13b really is a drop in the ocean. As far as I can see, their increase in losses is larger than the amount of kills they do to the cfc.

Anonymous said...

How do these losses compare to other null blocs for the same period?

What were the numbers prior to your project?

Anonymous said...

Does it make a difference? of course it does, if they lose ships they have to replace them which means they have to go out and earn isk (ratting) which in turn increase's their exposure making it easier to kill them.

Leokokim said...

Most Dangerous System is M-O?
Camel Empire and Hydra Reloaded high in the list of no-coalition killers?

That's pretty awesome to see, because I think i know every single of the maybe 10 pilots that are doing it (half from my corp) \o/

Anonymous said...

i too would like to see the numbers before the project and a comparison to now

Anonymous said...

Quick note, Clockwork Pineapple is blue to Goonswarm, but not the greater CFC. They regularly fly with goon fleets in syndicate.