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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

CFC losses in February

Like in January, I received the killboard loss data for all CFC and the New Year wasn't kind to those who serve the Evil One. As always, the kills are de-whored, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B kills and not 100B. 49453 API verified kills were processed, distributed among the alliances:

266 - Circle-Of-Two
31 - Executive Outcomes
183 - Fatal Ascension
231 - Fidelas Constans
56 - Forged of Fire
85 - Get Off My Lawn
771 - Goonswarm Federation
275 - Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere
42 - I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth
107 - RAZOR Alliance
114 - RvB - BLUE Republic
152 - RvB - RED Federation
228 - SpaceMonkey's Alliance
112 - Tactical Narcotics Team
113 - The Initiative.
193 - The Bastion
The minions of Evil didn't want that 2958B anyway. Let's see who killed them:
The Pirates are back in #1, Mordus Angels (155B), Black Legion. (165B), Triumvirate. (12B) and Sorry We're In Your Space Eh (59B) are killing CFC at large again. Look at their 500M+ contribution kills: 1361M, 1031M, 577M, 834M, 2927M, 969M, 1750M, 1153M, 1171M, 1086M, 1142M, 1524M, 2165M, 2684M, 1046M, 1022M, 2209M, 762M, 885M, 2161M, 550M, 894M, 523M, 510M, 589M, 1234M, 560M, 631M, 555M, 822M, 954M, 1352M, 1123M, 1265M, 908M, 1170M, 2894M, 510M, 722M, 782M, 594M, 663M, 660M, 1161M, 848M, 6614M, 529M, 543M, 898M, 1821M, 558M, 687M, 1067M, 707M, 1858M, 1066M, 501M, 1327M, 525M, 519M, 513M, 2614M, 823M, 890M, 923M, 521M, 923M, 657M, 574M, 1672M, 1580M, 997M, 2447M, 2859M, 2171M, 985M, 604M, 2196M, 912M, 778M, 2305M, 606M, 2703M, 557M, 3158M, 1184M, 1340M, 528M, 511M, 2730M, 701M, 2018M, 719M, 608M, 1370M, 1325M, 638M, 704M, 1274M, 1184M, 2545M, 568M, 862M, 928M, 521M, 538M, 977M, 761M, 2144M, 2715M, 966M, 1894M, 536M, 1051M, 2160M, 696M, 2895M, 634M, 606M, 952M, 578M, 547M, 698M, 841M, 1123M, 567M, 534M, 1619M.

N3, the "biggest enemy of CFC" is once again #2 after doing 10% of the CFC damage. Anyway, let's not forget their big contributors and 500M+ kills: 71 - Northern Coalition.
49 - The Kadeshi
42 - Northern Associates.
30 - Nulli Secunda
18 - Gentlemen's.Club
2750M, 2969M, 702M, 530M, 1515M, 503M, 962M, 510M, 2242M, 580M, 897M, 629M, 610M, 628M, 1102M, 961M, 774M, 943M, 563M, 944M, 518M, 1174M, 511M, 519M, 1637M, 796M, 735M, 1292M, 1288M, 975M, 1103M, 1301M, 586M, 520M, 919M, 840M, 638M, 908M, 1372M, 707M, 1083M, 574M, 624M, 529M, 705M, 671M, 694M, 529M, 949M, 1036M, 1051M, 521M, 824M, 1002M, 768M, 927M.

RvB is still doing their thing, and CFC is still killing blues: 537M, 2345M, 1212M, 1838M, 2730M, 582M, 1129M, 527M, 1319M, 563M, 585M, 887M, 1432M, 1303M, 580M, 863M, 519M, 639M, 1189M, 516M, 524M, 500M, 726M, 626M, 544M, 572M, 1038M, 1101M, 585M, 624M, 518M, 531M, 671M, 505M, 834M, 2330M, 632M, 1662M, 1936M.

HERO (135B), PL block (97B), xxDeath (197B) and Proviblock (70B) are still causing little damage considering their sizes: 810M, 724M, 556M, 518M, 637M, 526M, 938M, 1787M, 1511M, 658M, 2635M, 584M, 823M, 561M, 764M, 555M, 563M, 856M, 865M, 931M, 1473M, 576M, 671M, 559M, 1080M, 543M, 969M, 796M, 1332M, 523M, 2517M, 743M, 1958M, 1564M, 623M, 1361M, 683M, 656M, 2230M, 552M, 2762M, 642M, 651M, 672M, 655M, 671M, 808M, 838M, 792M, 1227M, 728M, 1010M, 580M, 561M, 2413M, 543M, 786M, 505M, 1100M, 757M, 505M, 573M, 1050M, 1369M, 589M, 884M, 592M, 682M, 971M, 1300M, 1405M, 588M, 1501M, 3356M, 1677M, 1566M, 1954M, 1531M, 2206M, 1620M, 1502M, 1535M, 520M, 727M, 1086M, 1023M, 1148M, 1160M, 1095M, 1277M, 717M, 1635M, 1872M, 1444M, 1947M, 1021M, 506M, 509M, 688M, 1259M, 4987M, 662M, 627M, 1073M, 1314M, 1945M, 2828M, 1549M, 562M, 588M, 2340M, 1823M, 507M, 3067M, 748M, 1057M, 626M, 2559M, 646M, 2104M, 1123M, 516M, 817M, 590M, 514M, 713M, 736M, 516M.

Finally, let's see what everyone else did to the CFC and those who got above 10B:
61 - Project.Mayhem. Note: who are they? I've never heard of them, but I clearly should!
47 - Out of Sight.
38 - Verge of Collapse
35 - GaNg BaNg TeAm
31 - The Gorgon Empire
31 - Confederation of xXPIZZAXx
28 - Forsaken Asylum
28 - M.I.F
27 - Total Absolution
26 - #Corp: Raging Ducks
24 - Bora Alis
24 - senseless intentions
23 - Sleeper Social Club
23 - Snuffed Out
22 - Hard Knocks Citizens
18 - P I R A T
17 - The Marmite Collective
16 - #Corp: Lazerhawks
16 - #Corp: No Vacancies
14 - No Holes Barred
14 - Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork
13 - #Corp: Deadly Fingertips
13 - LowSechnaya Sholupen
12 - Brothers in Arms Alliance
12 - Dirt Nap Squad.
11 - Ixtab.
11 - Happy Cartel
10 - Systematic-Chaos
521M, 1171M, 2166M, 749M, 1007M, 705M, 1094M, 831M, 580M, 609M, 2382M, 1107M, 6521M, 1784M, 1898M, 677M, 1009M, 1017M, 548M, 593M, 555M, 547M, 552M, 543M, 543M, 550M, 543M, 542M, 545M, 558M, 547M, 550M, 627M, 626M, 827M, 990M, 511M, 511M, 771M, 1345M, 1214M, 853M, 526M, 526M, 545M, 522M, 671M, 676M, 554M, 1299M, 527M, 851M, 521M, 689M, 1466M, 717M, 766M, 552M, 858M, 600M, 517M, 1196M, 677M, 694M, 669M, 566M, 1357M, 555M, 800M, 2872M, 1068M, 999M, 631M, 1446M, 571M, 2925M, 961M, 884M, 766M, 760M, 671M, 1433M, 890M, 959M, 714M, 929M, 503M, 812M, 511M, 767M, 822M, 985M, 724M, 1666M, 534M, 2045M, 1909M, 633M, 519M, 532M, 567M, 503M, 1116M, 579M, 541M, 524M, 591M, 518M, 995M, 543M, 772M, 875M, 5581M, 2759M, 1000M, 2616M, 819M, 2513M, 1131M, 552M, 906M, 508M, 718M, 943M, 527M, 740M, 1626M, 791M, 870M, 1018M, 847M, 922M, 591M, 1342M, 1444M, 529M, 652M, 503M, 1133M, 562M, 998M, 1091M, 582M, 2341M, 754M, 1924M, 629M, 646M, 1608M, 1828M, 1756M, 1579M, 1117M, 526M, 543M, 573M, 705M, 566M, 938M, 621M, 813M, 834M, 3294M, 1876M, 607M, 1503M, 592M, 1153M, 1321M, 3998M, 2538M, 2310M, 2315M, 501M, 624M, 2542M, 1022M, 505M, 1106M, 1901M, 801M, 529M, 536M, 676M, 566M, 2676M, 3989M, 1639M, 772M, 520M, 2291M, 839M, 854M, 1036M, 522M, 1753M, 799M, 705M, 660M, 1379M, 825M, 860M, 1972M, 656M, 609M, 522M, 748M, 1647M, 1261M, 910M, 502M, 546M, 2054M, 1119M, 613M, 899M, 3060M, 1832M, 701M, 668M, 530M, 513M, 1976M, 579M, 588M, 764M, 1169M, 669M, 1170M, 7122M, 1372M, 557M, 1649M, 9361M, 538M, 1722M, 1773M, 608M, 976M, 1222M, 541M, 1210M, 782M, 4827M, 755M, 569M, 885M, 527M, 1663M, 716M, 1038M, 1240M, 3099M, 1014M, 1629M, 894M, 622M, 590M, 791M, 940M, 1883M, 1946M, 512M, 831M, 523M, 536M, 751M, 511M, 517M, 1513M, 538M, 2908M, 651M, 1796M, 879M, 517M, 1716M, 602M, 773M, 922M, 986M, 706M, 1686M, 1734M, 738M, 718M, 1061M, 1315M, 1061M, 1316M, 840M, 635M, 2201M, 901M, 945M, 2015M, 525M, 1939M, 1703M, 1809M, 3226M, 2906M, 1221M, 509M, 527M, 664M, 645M, 527M, 520M, 527M, 5612M, 537M, 1029M, 919M, 1446M, 518M, 887M, 549M, 523M, 608M, 671M, 739M, 510M, 809M, 1302M, 1467M, 796M, 964M, 519M, 819M, 522M, 599M, 1212M, 631M, 1780M, 516M, 560M, 749M, 835M, 813M, 1727M, 547M, 543M, 1005M, 660M, 691M, 636M, 587M, 2267M, 725M, 1239M, 3718M, 1107M, 1526M, 688M, 780M, 837M, 930M, 1036M, 1238M, 1037M, 675M, 577M, 1175M, 1551M, 2349M, 959M, 597M, 2337M, 770M, 3508M, 2524M, 757M, 656M, 831M, 1304M, 832M, 672M, 570M, 1011M, 657M, 553M, 1034M, 510M, 753M, 1192M, 532M, 512M, 651M, 1932M, 577M, 530M, 2032M, 1257M, 721M, 1536M, 935M, 849M, 1268M, 691M, 2434M, 557M, 681M, 723M, 600M, 535M, 600M, 718M, 1754M, 900M, 756M, 736M, 665M, 678M, 2001M, 735M, 526M, 1182M, 827M, 693M, 715M, 832M, 533M, 1004M, 533M, 1402M, 511M, 893M, 1412M, 1283M, 575M, 752M, 645M, 1150M, 1496M, 875M, 753M, 632M, 533M, 515M, 1693M, 556M, 639M, 620M, 872M, 760M, 2392M, 649M, 2625M, 526M, 611M, 700M, 1016M, 704M, 2936M, 990M, 1269M, 641M, 505M, 604M, 1653M, 525M, 1413M, 599M, 999M, 520M, 526M, 756M, 963M, 517M, 1139M, 739M, 539M, 539M, 821M, 640M, 2657M, 556M, 756M, 1517M, 625M, 1570M, 1745M, 547M, 696M, 1599M, 771M, 773M, 645M, 864M, 583M, 2601M, 611M, 512M, 745M, 670M, 589M, 7163M, 6869M, 524M, 771M, 552M, 777M, 1494M, 2950M, 529M, 666M, 924M.

Let's see the killer fleet sizes and lost ship costs. Both pies are ISK values. We can see that small gangs inflict huge damage to CFC:
Finally, let's see where they died:
396 - Highsec
250 - Lowsec
828 - Foreign Null
1484 - CFC space:
323 - Deklein
231 - ValeOfTheSilent
183 - Fountain
161 - Branch
142 - Fade
137 - Venal
102 - Tribute
96 - PureBlind
45 - Syndicate
32 - Tenal
24 - CloudRing
8 - OuterRing
They clearly do some offensive activities with record high losses in Foreign Nullsec, but they still mostly lose ships at home.


glenarvan said...

have a look at two carriers kills.
inties vs. 2 carriers. same sys & same time.

Raging Ducks' roam with MOA participation.

BTW could you repost my adv:
CFC members!
Why work for CFC when you can serve yourself? WANNA BECOME A SPY? convo glenarvan. Have no fear - doing so is easy! Report us: 1. System. 2. Anom #.


Anonymous said...

nice list of kills.
browsing trough them I'm wondering.
how do people loot the field? do they loot at all? Or do the scavenge in industrial ships after the kill.

Anonymous said...

Typically people grab whatever they can carry. Often times corporate or alliance leadership will call dibs on capital specific modules such as remote reps and local reps.