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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January losses of the Evil

Like in December, I received the killboard loss data for all CFC and the New Year wasn't kind to those who serve the Evil One. As always, the kills are de-whored, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B kills and not 100B.

52460 API verified losses were processed, here are the loses of the various minions of Evil:
1 - Blohm and Voss Shipyards Alliance
359 - Circle-Of-Two
21 - Executive Outcomes
175 - Fatal Ascension
221 - Fidelas Constans
56 - Forged of Fire
72 - Get Off My Lawn
689 - Goonswarm Federation
273 - Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere
44 - I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth
100 - RAZOR Alliance
137 - RvB - BLUE Republic
132 - RvB - RED Federation
232 - SpaceMonkey's Alliance
140 - Tactical Narcotics Team
200 - The Initiative.
218 - The Bastion
3070 Billion ISK were lost by the CFC. Let's see who killed them:
Despite their number didn't increase, N3 managed to get the #1 position with 348B. Let's see their 500M+ kills:
2851M, 913M, 510M, 833M, 593M, 1096M, 676M, 691M, 657M, 1329M, 539M, 937M, 1060M, 554M, 1730M, 2546M, 716M, 554M, 1076M, 944M, 1218M, 1058M, 686M, 856M, 956M, 556M, 773M, 625M, 524M, 669M, 950M, 873M, 926M, 721M, 532M, 1891M, 1386M, 1594M, 1385M, 970M, 596M, 590M, 682M, 1612M, 680M, 728M, 1847M, 550M, 882M, 506M, 518M, 1671M, 730M, 708M, 562M, 2684M, 572M, 572M, 814M, 1194M, 1701M, 1493M, 1883M, 2374M, 516M, 1514M, 555M, 527M, 512M, 509M, 503M, 560M, 507M, 504M, 509M, 556M, 503M, 580M, 607M, 940M, 577M, 567M, 526M, 613M, 1088M, 555M, 608M, 774M, 611M, 630M, 551M, 2843M, 521M, 617M.

"The Pirates", the four largest NPC living organization killed only 308B this month, because Black Legion. (36B) and Triumvirate. (37B) moved to fight xxDeath for SOLAR. I hope that war will be over soon and they return killing the minions of Evil. They also lured Mordus Angels with them, but MoA rather choose being reseted than abandon their holy duty of slaughtering CFC. They made a new record, 198B, earning the donations that they receive. Sorry We're In Your Space Eh did 38B, we'll see how can they increase activity, now that I donate to them too. Anyway, feast your eyes on the kills of the Pirates: 1598M, 682M, 1648M, 651M, 2286M, 684M, 532M, 926M, 1005M, 2098M, 985M, 695M, 1378M, 881M, 1844M, 2519M, 1894M, 878M, 621M, 517M, 637M, 1059M, 683M, 716M, 761M, 2083M, 582M, 1678M, 722M, 636M, 1583M, 848M, 682M, 616M, 2000M, 2034M, 1800M, 929M, 2754M, 534M, 918M, 1397M, 1425M, 2661M, 528M, 583M, 728M, 895M, 873M, 581M, 528M, 8615M, 643M, 1026M, 772M, 823M, 1456M, 830M, 892M, 913M, 1358M, 534M, 2184M, 747M, 2028M, 503M, 664M, 946M, 1388M, 783M, 6996M, 697M, 590M, 554M, 761M, 1659M, 2193M, 1714M, 602M, 1279M, 618M, 543M, 1053M, 512M, 1034M, 1012M.

RvB is still doing their thing, and CFC is still killing blues: 955M, 1527M, 3059M, 2806M, 2888M, 2429M, 3091M, 1573M, 1295M, 1413M, 1258M, 1718M, 652M, 1899M, 1199M, 573M, 530M, 2403M, 1485M, 899M, 799M, 648M, 796M, 539M, 865M, 1145M, 735M, 614M, 1163M, 920M, 1143M, 754M, 741M, 588M, 557M, 591M, 603M, 921M, 1743M, 546M, 884M, 784M, 1922M, 710M, 566M, 2526M, 1194M, 1010M, 667M.

I used to pay the wardec fees of Marmite Collective, but they got buttmad when I also hired Deadly Fingertips, so this is their last month in GRR (154B) and the first weeks for DEAF (20B) I'm sure they'll do better next month (or I find another mercs): 762M, 1317M, 8546M, 637M, 2575M, 545M, 510M, 920M, 633M, 550M, 508M, 954M, 968M, 2982M, 836M, 677M, 7018M, 537M, 666M, 778M, 6838M, 1111M, 742M, 843M, 647M, 3939M, 8421M, 1547M, 10899M, 1269M, 12363M, 1242M, 534M, 1315M, 755M, 6989M, 944M, 7487M, 6972M, 531M, 10118M, 710M, 7698M, 775M, 1374M, 1099M, 899M.

HERO (141B), PL block (54B), xxDeath (111B) and Proviblock (64B) had little contact with the minions of Evil, but much more than last month: 575M, 540M, 578M, 513M, 1319M, 539M, 1083M, 574M, 817M, 3814M, 1093M, 1494M, 715M, 608M, 842M, 2373M, 4279M, 692M, 634M, 703M, 1402M, 647M, 1041M, 695M, 589M, 826M, 1859M, 564M, 2586M, 552M, 767M, 1603M, 774M, 606M, 613M, 1454M, 637M, 936M, 1010M, 725M, 2105M, 730M, 595M, 612M, 1086M, 598M, 1401M, 684M, 1025M, 814M, 643M, 549M, 769M, 557M, 668M, 2663M, 1606M, 580M, 603M, 885M, 626M, 586M, 681M, 509M, 534M, 705M, 713M, 657M, 898M, 1367M, 1520M, 634M, 838M, 883M, 574M, 734M, 1449M, 696M, 594M, 996M, 674M, 673M, 631M, 553M, 2046M, 1176M, 1178M, 1227M, 1022M, 560M, 621M, 512M, 675M, 640M, 1115M, 992M, 2387M, 709M, 505M, 531M, 682M, 1533M, 1148M, 2068M, 664M, 652M, 1092M, 546M.

Finally, let's see what everyone else did to the CFC and those who got above 20B:
92 - Out of Sight.
69 - Total Absolution
59 - Confederation of xXPIZZAXx
52 - Verge of Collapse
49 - #Corp: Hard Knocks Inc.
40 - GaNg BaNg TeAm
33 - The Camel Empire
30 - The Gorgon Empire
27 - Ixtab.
27 - #Corp: Piratas Leprosos Guineanos
22 - Bora Alis
21 - Ev0ke
20 - Project.Mayhem.
20 - senseless intentions
724M, 532M, 590M, 742M, 928M, 1597M, 1037M, 1210M, 1057M, 508M, 618M, 564M, 589M, 533M, 783M, 553M, 620M, 509M, 1553M, 552M, 550M, 546M, 532M, 556M, 552M, 550M, 1062M, 620M, 823M, 644M, 1467M, 569M, 566M, 570M, 561M, 560M, 501M, 515M, 574M, 558M, 558M, 558M, 3405M, 120804M, 1633M, 891M, 798M, 557M, 1346M, 1783M, 584M, 670M, 765M, 545M, 1288M, 511M, 614M, 777M, 1473M, 517M, 587M, 1019M, 540M, 855M, 513M, 527M, 665M, 585M, 552M, 612M, 1886M, 632M, 685M, 7016M, 1110M, 529M, 747M, 518M, 527M, 779M, 642M, 648M, 512M, 701M, 1156M, 731M, 1677M, 622M, 928M, 672M, 1375M, 549M, 560M, 1143M, 2036M, 513M, 504M, 1309M, 1061M, 2714M, 2014M, 1841M, 1230M, 582M, 774M, 767M, 1429M, 8590M, 679M, 513M, 852M, 633M, 1463M, 2621M, 541M, 860M, 1225M, 595M, 4485M, 3647M, 613M, 4235M, 650M, 1794M, 768M, 2228M, 605M, 2369M, 566M, 642M, 2396M, 588M, 832M, 6765M, 2502M, 625M, 514M, 1045M, 556M, 682M, 564M, 574M, 1113M, 516M, 768M, 643M, 1208M, 560M, 1407M, 844M, 1817M, 507M, 1041M, 522M, 1666M, 561M, 1924M, 851M, 698M, 2565M, 2528M, 1692M, 579M, 595M, 1574M, 540M, 513M, 2034M, 1919M, 564M, 2264M, 563M, 617M, 598M, 1152M, 555M, 1187M, 737M, 537M, 504M, 694M, 893M, 589M, 7091M, 1367M, 2072M, 783M, 719M, 1482M, 1656M, 761M, 519M, 4264M, 957M, 577M, 582M, 719M, 2150M, 557M, 776M, 1400M, 505M, 557M, 2569M, 515M, 1188M, 604M, 1100M, 838M, 865M, 1799M, 795M, 985M, 603M, 1026M, 947M, 928M, 507M, 639M, 617M, 985M, 640M, 3386M, 517M, 665M, 875M, 794M, 2847M, 2012M, 956M, 972M, 1890M, 549M, 529M, 1544M, 2270M, 717M, 837M, 719M, 532M, 503M, 583M, 2186M, 589M, 937M, 842M, 1833M, 577M, 605M, 1106M, 555M, 2356M, 534M, 1715M, 1359M, 586M, 1930M, 1034M, 718M, 649M, 7983M, 1029M, 636M, 1332M, 1932M, 716M, 1204M, 541M, 603M, 603M, 566M, 773M, 3044M, 1532M, 634M, 1013M, 723M, 870M, 501M, 1086M, 817M, 1418M, 980M, 1418M, 693M, 959M, 576M, 539M, 1296M, 593M, 1722M, 747M, 1345M, 774M, 613M, 537M, 630M, 1125M, 1029M, 577M, 506M, 599M, 1302M, 793M, 641M, 2079M, 996M, 1010M, 1483M, 772M, 1579M, 1391M, 644M, 597M, 1395M, 527M, 985M, 1101M, 2989M, 696M, 1405M, 747M, 526M, 580M, 1128M, 2501M, 561M, 531M, 587M, 516M, 752M, 633M, 612M, 988M, 625M, 1159M, 954M, 1659M, 577M, 635M, 989M, 1013M, 545M, 1091M, 649M, 1074M, 578M, 624M, 866M, 538M, 684M, 510M, 627M, 542M, 638M, 2991M, 731M, 843M, 1508M, 661M, 1645M, 809M, 1278M, 565M, 502M, 534M, 757M, 727M, 739M, 965M, 924M, 684M, 3258M, 652M, 1083M, 596M, 1133M, 839M, 819M, 3010M, 536M, 841M, 1106M, 1205M, 560M, 634M, 2260M, 550M, 786M, 535M, 594M, 650M, 868M, 1537M, 1906M, 2068M, 561M, 818M, 1611M, 705M, 703M, 1357M, 828M, 577M, 521M, 2083M, 778M, 679M, 506M, 508M, 1280M, 824M, 613M, 753M, 725M, 747M, 977M, 552M, 907M, 1825M, 2107M, 961M, 688M, 7462M, 576M, 533M, 503M, 522M, 1156M, 667M, 942M, 1529M, 687M, 536M, 536M, 614M, 813M, 567M, 884M, 592M, 510M, 540M, 565M, 1292M, 1424M, 941M, 656M, 774M, 775M, 1370M, 585M, 664M, 643M, 1002M, 664M, 799M, 574M, 530M, 3870M, 5509M, 672M, 843M, 884M, 546M, 561M, 525M, 503M, 514M, 506M, 509M, 509M, 511M, 511M, 505M, 525M, 508M, 510M, 533M, 542M, 939M, 517M, 717M, 609M, 910M, 571M, 880M, 914M, 5433M, 524M.

Let's see the killer fleet sizes and lost ship costs. Both pies are ISK values. We can see that small gangs inflict huge damage to CFC:
The numbers in the chart are ship loss count. You can see that CFC had larger losses from 167 hauler and blingratter deaths than from losing 40K frigs. This should tell you what kind of PvP is effective against CFC.

Finally, let's see where they died:
663 - Foreign Null
473 - Highsec
215 - Lowsec
1717 - CFC space
295 - Deklein
257 - ValeOfTheSilent
216 - Branch
201 - Venal
200 - Fountain
191 - Tribute
133 - PureBlind
116 - Fade
65 - Syndicate
34 - Tenal
9 - CloudRing
While they had some activity outside home, most CFC members were still busy ratting when they died.


Anonymous said...

would offering a monthly prize or bounty to the individual, corp and alliance with the highest CFC ISK destroyed be worth it I wonder?

with the right propaganda behind it you could make it kind of like hulkageddon. make killing CFC 'cool' and/or 'fun'.

prizes could be PLEX for individual, wardec cost for alliance.

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome idea.
And a bigger annual "Bleed, Goons" manhunt with prize pools. What a joyful slaughter would that be.

Unknown said...

Lol, goonageddon...

I was wondering, CFC provides more losses by roamoning through "foreign" 0.0 than by being attacked by entities profitting from GG welfare...
Do the numbers really support that the isk spent for Marmite, MoA, deadly fingertips are wisely spent?

Apparently ganks in their own space are just costs of living in Deklein.
And regarding the losses in highsec, there are still a lot of goons going on suicide ganking roams in high...
So far, I fear that your investments have provided entertaining content for Tora and his bullies, MoA, your readers and probably Goons too, as they just made a very long article in which you were mentioned...

Can you definitely say that you have come closer to your goals in Grr Goons than a year before?

And if you point out to the KB and tell us that goons had xxytrillion isk more losses, we, the readers might ask back, yes, maybe, but did it effect goons in their functioning?

Don't misunderstand me. I really appreciate the effort you put into this project, collecting and chewing all thedata is time consuming, however, I doubt that you will achieve anything befor either your ISK or your interest in EVE runs out.

So, my advice, look around, think of a btter way, so far, you have only spent money and merc scum have profitted from it, curiously making you the biggest welfare whale in EVE.

Unknown said...


Problem is, the only other alternative is sit on your ISK doing nothing.

Big players that could make visible dent in Goons are not interested in breadcrumbs, but in having fat slave population that is afraid of Big Bad Goons.

It works.

Guess it is side effect of a simple fact: if you have enough sociopathic tendencies to run large alliance, you are more likely to struck entente cordiale with similar sociopaths running other alliances. The ISK must flow .. not to mention real money.
They are professionals.

The rest of players are not, thus they are incapable of concentrated effort needed to put a dent in slaveholding empires of 0.0. Moreso , great many are more than happy to go under their banners. Cue cult of personality and hooligan behaviour.

This is not dissimilar to Medieval Europe. .. with no signs of religious upheaval that could put dent in status quo.
Where are Hussites/Swiss/Landsknechts when you need them?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you show MOA's losses to CFC so we can get a better idea of effective your campaign is? All your showing is CFC losses but surely MOA has sustained losses against the CFC. What good is 189 billion isk damage to the CFC if MOA lost just as much or more. Would be interesting to see...

Gevlon said...

Why should I care about MoA losses?

Anonymous said...

"Why should I care about MoA losses?"

Because you are claiming they are winning.

Gevlon said...

And the 198B losses to CFC would somehow disappear if they'd have 199B losses?

But Zkillboard is your friend:

166B losses in January TOTAL. Not just from CFC, from everyone. So they have 60-70% ISK ratio against CFC.

Not like that matters.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon said...
Why should I care about MoA losses?

You certainly should care about them, because those are essentially what you are paying for. You are funding a very large portion of their ship replacement program, assuming that they have one. And I certainly hope that they do have one, because otherwise you are doing nothing but line to pockets of their leaders.

By the way, you actually joined Test at one point. Why not take the battle to the enemy directly, and just join MoA? You can still provide the donations. You can have more of a say in how they are spent. And you can participate in these CFC kills that make you so happy.

Gevlon said...


I pay for dead Goonies. I can't care less if they spend the money on SRP, bounties or the leader's titan as long as their dead Goon counter increases.

Joining MoA would be a dumb idea. Every minute I'd spend PvP-ing is a minute I'm not spending on making ISK.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, Gevlon's contributions provide the majority of MoA's SRP program. In the past, we held a few moons that generated income that went towards Alliance level SRP, but that's no longer possible. Goons clean-sweep our space too frequently now for that to be viable.

That's one of the ironies that gets me - they publicly diminish us, trumpet how inconsequential we are, yet regularly dedicate substantial (relative) levels of resources with the goal of tamping us down. They declare that they will "take out the trash" and destroy our will to login, but inevitably lose the attention span of their troops and go back to ratting in Deklein. We pivot, relocate, pivot, and come home eventually. Their "hellcamps" probably have an impact on our regular effectiveness of ~15% during these periods. But let's be honest - we are what we are...we're no power house, we cull their herd's weakest, dumbest, slowest, and take opportunities that give us the best chance of leveraging what we have.

We drop on a ratting capital and destroy it (most of the time), then stick around in local as Ted McManfist and Alp Khan rage so bad that that I'm embarrassed for them. They think that a bunch of dudes in blops ships can be offended by the word "coward" as their response force of carriers and titans builds up - much like the blood in their testicles that eventually turn blues (queue the aching). Who wins in that sort of asymmetric situation? Who the hell would, at that point, uncloak their 20x bombers against a force of 100 in anything? Their appeals to our spaceship ethics and a sense of bravery are hilarious.

What would we do without Gevlon's donations? We certainly would not disappear/implode, but recovering from losses would obviously be more painful. Do we take direction from Gevlon? No, we do what we do...he just likes that we do it and it is mutually beneficial. As long as the relationship stays like that, I see no reason to change it from our side. We kill goons, they kill us. I personally don't even hate goons, but they're the targets I have and they're ubiquitous in my neighborhood.

-MoA Trash